Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Tempting Glimpse Of Spring?

Yesterday, here in Darkest Bedfordshire, we had a taste of sunshine! It was warm enough by mid afternoon to venture out without a coat!! My feet even felt too warm in my Uggs!

It was bliss! I threw open the windows in every room & pottered away in the kitchen with the back door wide open too, wishing all the while that I hadn’t been so prompt with the laundry on Monday as it would have been wonderful to have pegged out a full wash!!

But…today we’re back to wintry cold, coats scarves & gloves back on! It even drizzled with rain on my morning walk along the Embankment…ugh!

So, while Mother Nature makes up her mind what season to throw at us tomorrow, I’m going to share one or two highlights of our week so far!

IMG_9339Sunday saw me once more ensconced between the beams in our attic! When we moved in nine years ago we vowed that we would NOT do what we did in our previous home & cram it full of stuff we didn’t really need to keep! A vow made with good intentions but it hasn’t really worked out that way!

So far I have liberated one end of the roof space of THREE car loads (& I drive an estate car!!) of cardboard & packing materials! Hubby insists on keeping the boxes of new electrical appliances “just in case”…but there was a box there for an iron I threw out years ago!!


  It’s actually very cathartic
  to just hurl drop what’s
  for the tip through the loft
  hatch & watch it pile up in
  readiness for hubby to get
  it down the stairs & then
  loaded into the car! He
  leaves me very much
  alone to the sorting, but I’m accumulating quite a stack of boxes which seem to contain paperwork going back decades…those he can do himself!! He does pop his head up through the hatch from time to time to marvel at the expanse of floor space opening up!

It’ll be a long project & I’m hoping for some more of that lovely Spring weather so that I can get out on as many Sundays as possible to our local car boot fair & turn some of these hoarded treasures into cash!! Meanwhile I’m sure there’ll be many more visits to the tip, along with bags to the charity shop before we’re I’m done!! Winking smile

IMG_9364It was Lee’s birthday yesterday & we celebrated at home with a roast pork dinner followed by cake & candles….just a token six as I didn’t want scorched retinas all round from lighting 55!!  He came home from school with a selection of handmade cards from pupils in his class…so sweet!  He opened all his cards & gifts in the evening too & although I find it harder & harder to buy ‘surprises’ for him, he seemed very pleased with everything!

I had to laugh on Monday when I opened the cookie tin to fill it with a new pack…

IMG_9355  …Lee had at some point
  obviously fancied a choc
  chip cookie or two & then
  discovered he’d been
  beaten to it by our
  resident cookie monster…

  So I left it where it was &
  put the packet in the
  cupboard….I’m still waiting
  for Alex to comment on
  the note…maybe his conscience has been pricked & that’s why he hasn’t mentioned it yet!! I’m sure he will once his craving for choc chip cookies kicks in!!

IMG_9409Finally, I noticed yesterday that the cactus in the lounge is breaking into bloom. It’s flowers are so delicate but they don’t last long. Mum-In-Law says it’s a Christmas cactus & my neighbour says it’s an Easter cactus!! Who’s right I wonder?…Can any of you tell me? Please!!

So that’s it from me for today. I do hope you’re all keeping well & those of you who were at one of the scrap retreats over the weekend had a wonderful time & will be sharing all the gossip at your earliest convenience!

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


Lisa said...

It is a cold, snowy day here today. Wishing for Spring as well. I think we are expecting temps to near the mid-60's this weekend meaning I may get my wish. I all but laughed when I saw your attic pic. I wondered how you got a picture of my attic before my move last Spring. LOL! Good luck with the remaining "clean out". Sending a big happy birthday to Lee! See you soon! HugsNLuv to you dear friend!

scrappyjacky said...

We've got signs of Spring here too...and the sun is still out actually managed some gardening.
I know just what you mean about the roof space....we'll definately be doing some boot sales this year.
I think that is a christmas cactus...the easter one is far more dangly and has lots of tiny flowers....though I could,of course, have it the wrong way round.

karen said...

I find it worrying every time I go up in the loft. The weight up there will surely bring the house down. Add to the fact, everything Kerri and Ryan owned and didn't take to Dubai has now joined our junk !

viv said...

Our loft is a nightmare soon to be tackled we even have some of the childrens toys up there and they are 34 and 32

Sian said...

He sounds like a lovely, popular teacher getting all those cards. How nice is that :)

Yes, we have someone here who likes to keep all the boxes too. I think I might get rid of some tomorrow, it'll give me loads more space. You have inspired me!

Sandra said...

We're in the midst of a big declutter too, I've been to the tip and charity shop way to often lol. You're king so well :) I wonder what itis with men and keeping boxes, we've got boxes for things we don't have anymore too.

About the cactus, my mum had one, and I'm not sure this is 100% true, but she called it a Christmas one :)

Lizzie said...

Ha! I think it's Muddled Cactus, as it's neither Christmas, nor Easter...

We had Bedfordshire Sunshine here too, on Tuesday. It was warm enough to open the doors and windows... And today it's misty and cold and horrible again.
It must have been lovely walking by the river on Tuesday. I wish I could've joined you!

We also need to clear out our loft. It has a similar disease to yours. The Rugby Club Car Boot could be well attended this year!

Pity you couldn't make the Bloggers' Weekend, Sandi. We had a lovely time - I hope you can make it to the next one!

humel said...

I'm sure we'll have Spring eventually...?! No sign of it here yet, though! Belated birthday greetings to Lee :)