Sunday, 3 February 2013

My Precious Part Two…

2 Storytelling SundayOK! So it’s the first Sunday of February & that means it’s ‘Storytelling Sunday’…hosted by the lovely Sian over at ‘From High In The Sky’.

The theme suggested to run through 2013 is ‘My Precious’…to identify those items you would just HAVE to keep with you, come what may, because they are just too precious & to tell the story of why they are!

How Charming 
As a very small girl I used to be taken to visit two elderly Aunts. I was expected to be seen & not heard as the elder of these spinster sisters, Auntie Ethel, was a very strict retired nursing Matron who I think even my Mum was a little scared of!!

The younger sister, Auntie Doris, was made of much gentler stuff & would slip me pieces of barley sugar & would sit with me & allow me to play with her charm bracelet. It was gold & I swear there was a charm on every link! It was so heavy & made the most wonderful rattling noise when she moved her arm!

It was something I coveted as the years went by & on my twelfth birthday my Mum bought me a silver chain & a single silver charm…a gypsey caravan that opens to reveal a gypsey woman hunched over a crystal ball.

As events & birthdays unfolded more charms were added…a Cornish pixie from my first holiday in St Ives…a vintage car when I passed my driving test…a cupid (a Valentines day gift from my first ‘Real’ boyfriend!) I swore that I’d keep going until I had a charm on every link, just like Auntie Doris!

February Precious   But do you
   know, I never
   did! Fashions
   change & at
   around age 20
   I started to
   favour gold over
   silver & stopped
   wearing my
   bracelet but it
   remains in my
   jewellery box &
   I can still recall
   the story behind
   each charm!

I had thought, before I became a Mum, that maybe I would pass it on if I ever had a daughter! Now I’m Mum to two boys & I know they’re not interested!! But maybe…just maybe there’ll be a granddaughter one day who might like to wear silver & learn the tale behind each charm?!!

So that’s my ‘Precious’ for February! If you’d like to share your story pop over to ‘From High In The Sky’ & link up to your blog. While you’re there take some time to read a few of the other stories there, I know you’ll enjoy them, I do!

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


scrappyjacky said...

I have a similar bracelet....though it doesn't have as many charms as's years since I've worn it....but it does hold a lot of memories.

Sian said...

I'm hoping for a Grand daughter for you now that I've seen your lovely bracelet. What a beautiful gift that would be for her! I love that you have kept it tucked away and that it still holds quite a few stories and memories. It's certainly precious.

Lythan said...

What a fabulous treasure. I love the sound of that first charm. (And here's hoping you find the right person to pass it on to)

debs14 said...

Well, we know that fashions always come full circle so I'm guessing that by the time you have that grand daughter, charm bracelets will be all the rage again! I love the fact that each charm has a story behind it.

Louise said...

I loved looking at my mums charm bracelet and her telling me the stories behind each charm - so I can imagine how precious this bracelet is to you and hope that one-day you will be able to pass it on. Super story.

Sandra said...

Who ever is the lucky owner of that gorgeous bracelet, will be one lucky girl. It's gorgeous

KathiJo said...

I had one too for being a bridesmaid as a seven year old. ..and still have it but wore it for a few years without the charms. I think they are popular again now, more so than in recent years, and not unlike the Pandoras..and boys marry girls, so I am sure someone will give it a loving home one day x

Alison said...

I have a very similar bracelet, which I haven't worn for years...they ate so different from today's charm bracelets aren't they?
Alison xx

Beverly said...

I loved the jingle of my first grade teacher's bracelet and knew I'd someday have one. I did and I cherished it. I lost it at church one day and it has never been found :( Not earth shattering but I cried for as you say there is a story to each charm.

S said...

How lovely and wonderful to have memories all linked up like that. What granddaughter could resist such a treasured piece of jewelry.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I have two charm bracelets and they are both totally precious to me. Thanks for reminding me of them.

Sheena said...

What a beautiful bracelet x
My daughter inherited a similar one from her Nanna & loves it x

dogmatix said...

Lovely story and a beautiful bracelet

Elizabeth said...

I never had a charm bracelet but always admired others. The reason is because I've lost every watch I ever had. Imagine if I had loved a charm bracelet and lost it! I couldn't take the guilt.

Missus Wookie said...

I always liked charm bracelets and have been collecting charm beads for the last few years. Hope you do find a loving recipient for it - and what a good idea to note down some of the stories behind the charms now!

Jo said...

I love the story behind the bracelet and that each charm holds a special memory, it's beautiful x

Anonymous said...

You've brought back so many memories - I'm going to have to go and get out my charm bracelet. I think I've got 2 charms that never got put on. I think I'll have to see about correcting that.

Chipper said...

I hope you do have a granddaughter one day. The story behind each charm is really precious.

Denise said...

I have a similar bracelet too,and haven't worn it for years.Each charm is so special in its own way.Whoever receives this in the future will be very lucky x x