Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Shortest Month Round-Up!!

So that’s February almost done & dusted!! It’s been a full month here in the Robinson household!!

We’ve had St Valentines day & enjoyed pancakes on Shrove Tuesday! I broke a tooth…which was thankfully soon repaired!! I had a busy week of overtime at work doing facials in a ‘Pop-Up’ treatment pod!! I also had a new 'do’ getting my hair cut & coloured!….& we had more snow! But thankfully those Spring bulbs are beginning to show too!

4 Feb

Over half term Nathan & I got to spend some time shopping at Bicester Outlet Village…the only way I can afford the items on his Birthday wish list!! I also got to spend some time back in my old home town of Hereford…& a trip to Ludlow to visit an old ‘college’ days haunt…’DeGreys’ tea room!! It did not disappoint, even after more than 30years since my last visit!

5 Feb 
Finally, I got to exchange Christmas gifts with my sister & her hubby…they always go abroad at Christmas time…& I started a sewing project…I’ve not made a soft toy since the boys were babies…watch this space for more on that! Lee & I managed a couple of evening out (result!) including a Quiz Night & a lovely impromptu pub meal! Last but not least we celebrated Nathans 14th birthday!!  

6 Feb

Today, we’ve seen some Spring sunshine, so I’m hoping that augers well for March…I cannot believe it’s just a day away!!

So that’s my February, give or take a detail or two…it certainly felt like the shortest month of the year!! I do hope you’ve had a good one…Thanks for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile

Sunday, 3 February 2013

My Precious Part Two…

2 Storytelling SundayOK! So it’s the first Sunday of February & that means it’s ‘Storytelling Sunday’…hosted by the lovely Sian over at ‘From High In The Sky’.

The theme suggested to run through 2013 is ‘My Precious’…to identify those items you would just HAVE to keep with you, come what may, because they are just too precious & to tell the story of why they are!

How Charming 
As a very small girl I used to be taken to visit two elderly Aunts. I was expected to be seen & not heard as the elder of these spinster sisters, Auntie Ethel, was a very strict retired nursing Matron who I think even my Mum was a little scared of!!

The younger sister, Auntie Doris, was made of much gentler stuff & would slip me pieces of barley sugar & would sit with me & allow me to play with her charm bracelet. It was gold & I swear there was a charm on every link! It was so heavy & made the most wonderful rattling noise when she moved her arm!

It was something I coveted as the years went by & on my twelfth birthday my Mum bought me a silver chain & a single silver charm…a gypsey caravan that opens to reveal a gypsey woman hunched over a crystal ball.

As events & birthdays unfolded more charms were added…a Cornish pixie from my first holiday in St Ives…a vintage car when I passed my driving test…a cupid (a Valentines day gift from my first ‘Real’ boyfriend!) I swore that I’d keep going until I had a charm on every link, just like Auntie Doris!

February Precious   But do you
   know, I never
   did! Fashions
   change & at
   around age 20
   I started to
   favour gold over
   silver & stopped
   wearing my
   bracelet but it
   remains in my
   jewellery box &
   I can still recall
   the story behind
   each charm!

I had thought, before I became a Mum, that maybe I would pass it on if I ever had a daughter! Now I’m Mum to two boys & I know they’re not interested!! But maybe…just maybe there’ll be a granddaughter one day who might like to wear silver & learn the tale behind each charm?!!

So that’s my ‘Precious’ for February! If you’d like to share your story pop over to ‘From High In The Sky’ & link up to your blog. While you’re there take some time to read a few of the other stories there, I know you’ll enjoy them, I do!

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile

Friday, 1 February 2013

Playing My Cards Right…

1 Casino Jack PosterFebruary 1st!!

Time for a fresh challenge over at ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’ & this month it’s the poster for ‘Casino Jack’ that’s your inspiration!

The added criteria are…

1. Grey CS for background
2. Use playing cards on LO
3. Use money notes on LO

I thought long & hard about
what photo I could use for my DT example LO that would be relevant to feature #2 & #3 in my design. (I’ve always been quite a literal scrapper!)

I finally decided on a photo of me, taken at Christmas 1985, on a girls night out at a North London nightclub & casino…a tenuous link I know, but it’s a photo I like & it’s never been scrapped in its own right!! Here is what I came up with…

Who's That Girl

Who’s that girl indeed…where did she go? I guess twenty eight years & motherhood have taken their toll!!

Anyway…what would you do with this poster & criteria? I’d love for you to show us…just pop over to ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’ & link up your LO for a chance to win some great prizes! You have until the end of February to join in…see you there?!

I’m off to the hairdressers in a few minutes…It’s such a hard life!! Thanks for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile