Friday, 11 January 2013

New Year….Old Germs!!

EssentialsI can’t believe I’m still without a full voice & it’s three weeks tomorrow that I lost it!!  It is partially restored, but ironically, the better it gets, the worse I feel!!

I’ve slept through the best part of the past 48 hours, dosed up with Lemsip & regular doses of throat spray, cough linctus & lozenges!

I had to cancel a lunch date with good friends today too…such a disappointment. But I’m going to bite the bullet & still attend a pre-booked crop tomorrow. It will be the last Saturday I can attend for a while & as long as I can keep the cough under control, things should be fine!

Laundry backlog

   Apart from feeling like a total wimp,
   this week has been about restoring
   order around the house, sorting the
   kitchen cupboards & throwing out
   all those jars with ‘Use By’ dates
   going back to 2004!! (is that just
   Me?) I’ve done a Costco shop & a
   Tesco shop & brought my
   finances up to date on-line!! The
   laundry backlog is under control
   & all this before yesterday when I
   crawled back under the duvet!!

First InjuryLee & the boys have both returned to school/college this week, but as soon as they hit home it’s back to enjoying their Christmas gifts! In Alex’s case that’s playing two new computer/X-Box games & for Nathan, heading to the skate park with his new BMX! He is very enthusiastic & so far we have one badly grazed elbow & one grazed & badly bruised knee!
You see…helmets, elbow & knee pads are deemed ‘uncool’ & scars are badges of honour!! Boys!!

One thing I am very pleased to have completed is my ‘365 +1 in 2012’ project. I had fallen about ten weeks behind (again) at the very end, but have finally completed all the collages & created a photo book which should be winging it’s way to me as we speak!!

11 My 365 1 in 2012 photobook
If you’d like a preview just go to my sidebar & click on the picture of the book & it will take you to the Photobox site to browse through it! By the way…I did not pay the price shown on the page…I had a Groupon voucher for 70% off!! I really wanted to have a solid keepsake of the project…I really enjoyed it & must say ‘Thank You’ to Suzie for setting it all up & giving us our daily word prompts!

(I must also admit that in the last few weeks there were one ore two words I really struggled with…so I cheated & substituted alternatives!! If you played along you will probably be able to spot them!!)

So, that’s me for today! I’m off to climb into a hot bath & have an early night! Lee is out at a school function so I only have myself to think of…the boys can do their own thing…quietly!!

I hope you all have a good weekend & enjoy the predicted snowfall!!!  Thanks for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


KathiJo said...

I am in awe of you for the photo book. I bougt one for our daughetr's b/f from Travelzoo and wish I had got some myself! Are you sure the lost voce isn't from singing along to DC every nigt :-) .. My daughter bougt us Robbie and Ollie tickets so we will be hyped come June x

scrappyjacky said...

Hope you're soon feeling 100%.
We sorted our drinks cupboard before christmas and found some 2009 Schloer!!

Sian said...

I hope you are feeling a lot better very soon. I've just come from Deb's blog and I saw the photos of your afternoon together. Lovely!

Beverly said...

Hope you and your voice are 100% very soon. I am finally feeling like myself and it definitely reminds you of what we usually take for granted. I found 2009 in the pantry so now feel better lol