Friday, 25 January 2013

All White Now…

P1140182  Phew! What a week! Last
  Friday morning I was oohing
  & aahing over a gorgeous
  sunrise which turned all the
  frost rimed trees a beautiful
  glowing salmon pink. Less
  than an hour later it started
  to snow…& it snowed…& it
  snowed!! From 9am until I
  went to bed at 11pm it fell,
  steadily & fast! Hubby was
  home at lunchtime as his
  school had closed & we set
  out at 2.30pm to collect the
  boys…a round trip that should only take about 45mins…it took nearly two hours!! Why is it that even with warning, in this country everything grinds to a halt when snow arrives? 

P1180204On Saturday morning I got myself ready for work but had such a job getting out of the village, only to find the A600 was also sheet ice, that I turned back & called in to say I was taking a snow day! I detest driving in icy conditions & didn’t want to find myself stranded in Cambridge…or worse somewhere en route, should more snow fall!

As it was, no more snow fell on Saturday, but Sunday brought the next wave & both boys & Lee were pleased to hear that Monday had been declared a snow day for all of them!!


  We bundled up on Monday &
  took a trip out to pick up
  some supplies & to watch
  the village kids having a
  wonderful time at the skate
  park & surrounding fields!

  The grit/salt lorries had done
  their job on the main roads
  by this time, but our village
  is still like the land that time
  forgot & we slip & slither our
  way about…both in car & on

  I will be back at work
  tomorrow…if the forecast is to be believed, the big thaw happens tomorrow night & then it will be floods we’ll be trying to avoid!!


I ventured into town yesterday as I had appointments for a dental check up & an early morning blood test.
The centre of town is still very slippery, so I gingerly made my way to my first port of call Costa!



  I enjoyed a delicious lemon &
  poppy seed muffin…I felt I was
  entitled to one after enduring
  the blood test! I’m rather a
  challenge for a phlebotomist…
  my veins are so small I always
  end up black & blue…so it’s
  always a traumatic experience!

P1100185Today I’m tackling another traumatic experience…yes Karen!…I am trying to keep up with one of my resolutions…to keep on top of my ironing! It is my least favourite chore & I’ll always find something else more important to do…like blogging!!! We’re not even a month into 2013 & already I’m struggling!! But I will have an empty basket before the day is through…just in time for it to fill back up again on Monday!!

The postie was early today & brought me some happy mail!


  Back in 2012 I had ordered
  some scrappy goodness from
  Crafty Steals & they arrived
  along with some fees from the
  Customs Office!! Whoever had
  shipped the parcel had included
  the shipping cost in the total
  shown on the import label
  which took me over the limit
  for paying tax!

  I contacted CS
  & they provided all I needed
  to claim back the tax but I
  wasn’t able to claim the Post
  Office charges! So..the lovely
  Stephanie at CS issued me a store credit to cover the shortfall & I’d been waiting to use it when one of their fabulous steals took my fancy…& this one did!

It’s Theresa Collins ‘Tell Your Story’ kit & I’ve been stroking & cooing since I took it out of the box!!  If you’ve not discovered Crafty Steals yourself, do check them out, everything is reduced by 40-70% & the shipping is reasonable…not to mention great. personal, customer service!!

So that’s me up to date! I do hope you’re all keeping warm & safe & even getting some enjoyment out of the snow!! Thanks so much for stopping by & be sure to come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


scrappyjacky said...

Luckily we only had one day of snow [Sunday] so not much chaos caused!!
Those Costa lemon muffins are my absolute favourite.

debs14 said...

The snow is hanging around here. I have a feeling that footage of me out with the dog will end up on 'You've been framed'. At the beginning of the walk she is so keen to be on her way and the footpaths here are sheet ice, both of us were sliding along and at one point I was holding onto a lamp post for dear life! So pretty though.
Apparently more is on it's way tonight ... :-)

viv said...

It's certainly been a difficult few days for us all. You have certainly managed it well and haven't fallen

Beverly said...

We have ice and a high of 28F today, school released at 11 this morning. I am looking forward to the projected 70F on Wednesday. I love the looks of your goodies. i am not familiar with the company but will definitely check them out ;)

Sandra said...

You certainly did deserve that muffin & cake :)

Sian said...

First of all I love the title of your post which gave me a smile and pulled me in!

There's nothing quite like a Priority box full of stash, is there? The service sounds brilliant - your recommendation has me determined to check them out now. Thank you