Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Month Of Birthdays…

August is a busy time for me, with my own birthday &, on the same day, Alex’s. I also have four friends, Hilary, Kali, Donna & Sue to celebrate with! I also remember my Mum, sadly no longer with us, but who‘s birthday fell on the 6th.

August this year has also been a very lean creative month for me! I’ve been so involved in projects around the house (I’ll share more on that later!) that my (new) ‘scrap-room’ has stayed pristine!! But I did find time to put together a birthday card for Hilary…30 Hilary's Card

…there are only a handful of people that I make cards for now, those who I know appreciate the time & effort that goes into it! I used to hate the thought of my work ending up in someone else’s recycling bin, which is why scrapbooking appeals, I guess!

Hilary held a get together to celebrate her ‘Diamond’ birthday, but sadly it fell on the day we were at the Olympics, so we just had to get together later on in the week for afternoon tea…as you do!!

31 Birthday Tea

   We were joined by the
   lovely Karen & Hilary
   introduced us to a truly
   gorgeous, traditional tea
   shop in Shepreth called
   ‘Teacake’…if you’re in
   the area I would highly
   recommend calling in for
   a cuppa & a slice of home-made cake!! We ended up having a late lunch with sandwiches & cake & copious amounts of tea to wash it all down! It was a perfect summer day & so good to catch up with friends.

32 Alex @ 16On our ‘big’ day Alex turned sixteen…I can’t believe it!! It seems like the blink of an eye since I celebrated my thirty sixth birthday with his arrival!!

He starts at a local college in September & I’m still getting my head around him no longer being at school!! He’s now taller than me & in spite of all of the challenges he has to face daily, he’s growing up into what my Mum would have called ‘a nice young man’!!

33 My New Toy   I was well & truly spoiled
   for my birthday with so
   many gorgeous cards &
   thoughtful gifts. Lee
   totally surprised me with
   a Silhouette Cameo…to
   upgrade me from my
   Silhouette original!

The main difference is that it will cut designs up to 12” wide & 10 feet long!! It also cuts thicker materials & has the option to cut fabric too. So, if you know anyone who’s interested in buying a second hand Silhouette & Accessories, send them this way!!

34 Pat at Burwash Manor
Mum-In-Law Pat was down with us for our birthday week & she & I had some quality ‘girls only’ time with a trip to Burwash Manor near Cambridge, for a spot of retail therapy & …yes you’ve guessed it…more afternoon tea!!


Finally, we celebrated Kali’s 40th birthday with a party at her house.  All the usual suspects were there from our ‘Last Friday Of The Month’ girls nights out group!  A surprise announcement was made that she & the children will soon be moving to live 30 miles away so a few tears were shed & then we realised that in spite of not liking change, there was actually no reason why we can’t still get together on a regular basis & the party got going with a swing!!

35 Kali's 40th 
Good Luck with the move Kali & we’ll see you again very soon!

So, that’s it for today, I’m off to try & get my mojo working for a couple of LO’s I need to complete by Saturday!! No pressure then!!

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


humel said...

I love August birthdays!! What a collection of happy celebrations :)

scrappyjacky said...

Our big birthday month is March....nothing at all in August.
Looks like a lot of 'hard' celebrating went on!

Julie J said...

Looks like you've been having fun. I wondered where you've been - missed you at Soul Scrappers.

Sian said...

Lots of interesting stuff going on round your way then! I love that candle blowing out photo - something about his face being lit up that really adds weight to you saying what a nice fellow he is. I like it