Monday, 21 May 2012

A Weekend Round-Up…

Phew! That was a well & truly filled weekend!! 

It started with an appointment on Friday afternoon, to see the Consultant re my shoulder surgery. He was pleased with my progress, although he says I still need a further six months of physiotherapy & may not regain 100% mobility in the joint! I’m just glad to be relatively pain free & able to sleep at night…the rest will follow, as far as it can!! Apparently, when he ‘went in’ he discovered that not only was the joint frozen & the tendons calcified, but I had excess bone above the joint too, so that had to be shaved off! Now I understand why it was so painful afterwards & why my recovery is frustratingly slow!! But I will get there!!

Anyhow, he declared me fit to return to work, & that’s what I did on Sunday! It felt good to be back & it was lovely to be so welcomed by both colleagues & customers alike!

33 D&S
Then on Saturday I headed off to the Merly Impressions crop where it was lovely to see old friends Dawn & Sharon…& to meet a new one too…

34 Lucy & I

  …Lucy, who sat next to
  me! The crop was an
  extended one, from 10am
  to 8pm & the time just
  flew by!


28 may-crop-teaser1There were two class Layouts for inspiration, by the very talented Chrissy.

The first was very feminine & although I liked the chair I didn’t feel I wanted to include it in my LO, so I’ve saved it for another time & just went with more fussy cut flowers!


29 Marvelous M-I-L  
Featuring my marvellous (spot the spelling error!!) Mum-In-Law Patricia!  She’s well worth immortalising in a LO!!

30 may-crop-teaser2  The second LO was a real
  inspiration! As soon as I
  saw the sneak-peak I
  knew what I wanted to do
  with it!!

  I think it appealed to me
  because of its graphic
  style & structured feel!

  Again though, I did make
  some changes…

31 Venizia '93

I thoroughly enjoyed using the tree bark stamp that came in the kit (I don’t do enough stamping even though I have a good selection of stamps!!). I used foam pads to raise the frame & give a 3D effect & added journaling strips, blooms, pearls & embroidery silk! My only disappointment is that the title alpha’s which I inked & gilded, blend in a tad too much!

35 Happy MailWhen I arrived home there was happy mail waiting me, all the way from Canada! It was my prize from recent soul Scrappers challenge sent by the lovely Karen Findlay… a fabulous assortment of scrappy goodies on a holiday theme! Perfect for documenting my up-coming trip to Turkey! Thanks Karen!


35 The Lucky One 
  As I mentioned earlier, it
  was back to work on
  Sunday, which meant back
  to the cinema after work
  too! I have missed so
  many recent releases that
  I was pleased that we
  managed to catch ‘The
  Lucky One’ starring Zac
  Efron. He was always a
  cutie in his ‘High School
  Musical’ days, but now he
  is all grown up & just plain

The story is so romantic but not mushy! Touching on current affairs & the injustice of war, it’s a tale of how fate does bring people together if they let it! I laughed, felt angry, shed a few tears & left the cinema with a sigh, content with the ending! A lovely film I’m glad to have seen on the big screen.

And that was my weekend!

So, thanks for stopping by & let’s hope the good weather that’s been promised for the UK, for the remainder of this week, actually arrives! Enjoy your week, wherever you are!

Come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


scrappyjacky said...

Hoping your shoulder carries on progressing well.
Just love that second LO.

Sian said...

I love what you have done with that second layout especially - it has so much character and so much to enjoy on it.

It's so good to hear that the shoulder is progressing. Long may it continue!

Lizzie said...

Ooo, pretty paper! Love that second page, Sandi!

I'm glad your shoulder is recovering well and hope you make a full recovery, nice and quickly. How great to be able to start getting back to normal life and to sleep well at last!

Denise said...

Good to hear your shoulder is progressing nicely.It's great that you are not in so much pain. I also love what you have done with the second layout x

Kirei said...

Hi Sandi, Loving your blog so have given you a blog award! See my blog for details! Kirei x

Lisa Howard said...

Sounds like a glorious weekend! I so love going to the movies. I need to add that to my to-do list. And your layouts? Beautiful as always! Believe it or not, I've been scrapping a bit lately. Seems life really is returning to normal for me. All I can say is it is about time!

Hate to hear your recovery process is going so slowly. I hope the pain is lessening with each day that passes. Hang tough, Sweet Lady! Thinking of you! Love -L