Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How Can I Be Sure?

Forty years ago an adolescent English girl fell rapturously in love with a fresh faced American boy. It didn’t matter that they’d never met, it didn’t matter that gazillions of other girls worldwide thought they loved him too. He was the centre of her world & when she listened to him sing, with her hormones raging, she knew he was singing to her alone!

17 First Love

The inside of her wardrobe doors (her parents forbade Sellotape on the wallpaper & this was before Blutack!!) were covered with posters of him, carefully removed centrefolds from Jackie magazine. She would gaze into those deep brown eyes & kiss her favourite poster goodnight each night! His albums were hardly ever removed from her portable record player.

19 Cherish20 Rock me baby






18 First Love 2  Her prized garment, at age twelve
  was a white T-shirt with his face
  emblazoned across her chest!
  (worn with her oh-so-trendy
  brown check Oxford bags &
  platform brogues!) She had read
  (in Jackie, so it must be true) that
  his favourite colour was brown, so
  it dominated her wardrobe!

  But, growing up on the outskirts
  of Hereford, with older-than-
  average parents, the thought of
being able to go to see her true love in concert never even crossed her mind! The distance? The cost?  Impossible!!

So, as adolescent girls do, she grew up! Her first love unrequited, destined never to see him in the flesh!!

21 Once In A lifetimeUntil now that is!! Yes folks, that adolescent love-stricken girl was me & I am in proud possession of two tickets to see David Cassidy in the LG Arena, at Birmingham's NEC in November!!

Performing alongside him in this ‘70’s-fest’ will be Hot Chocolate, Leo Sayer & Smokie, but as much as I’ll enjoy reminiscing along with their songs, my heart will belong to David!! I still have those albums (on vinyl, CD & on my MP4!)…I still know all the words to all the songs!! Sadly I don’t remember what happened to the T-shirt!

The venue will probably be filled with ‘women of a certain age’ & David himself is now in his early 60’s, but you can be sure (see what I did there?!!) that in our heads we will all be as we were back in 1972!

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon!  Open-mouthed smile


humel said...

Hooray! Really pleased for you :) I hope you have a wonderful time!

karen said...

David Cassidy was MINE. He was kissing me all those years he was kissing you!!

debs14 said...

Now I don't want to start an argument, but I was David's biggest fan. And you know that lovely smile he had in those posters? That was for me. Sigh ....
did you have the Jackie poster that you had to collect over three weeks that ended up life size? The one with him wearing skinny jeans and furry boots. Double sigh ........
Now what's all this I hear about you and Karen kissing him too? ;-)
How lucky to get to see him after all these years. Do take lots of pictures and don't forget to give him my love. I do realise that his heart must have been broken when he found out I'd got married but I hope he's forgiven me by now ;-)

Lizzie said...

Sounds like fun.. Have a great time reminiscing and singing along!

Denise said...

Ahhhh ...sigh - I remember those days but I was on 'the other side' as you may well know - I was a Donny fan.BUT I did see David Cassidy a couple of years ago when he toured with David Essex (swoon) and the Bay City Rollers. Have a fantastic time x x One of my favourite all time songs is One of those nights by The Partridge Family- gives me goodebumps every time x Might have to go and have a blast of it now.

scrappyjacky said...

It'll be great I'm sure.

Dawn said...

I saw that advert and was tempted, you'll have a fab time - was lucky to see David at Epcot a few years ago and loved every minute...mmm wonder if I should be one of those other 4o+ something ladies in the audience???

Janelle said...

oh Sandy - you will have a fabulous time. So glad you will be able to finally get to see him in concert. What a great layout (or mini album) this will make :) {Tammy @ NotJustPaperandGlue}

Sian said...

What a fabulous story the concert details will make. We'll want to hear it all..

furrypig said...

I think my first ever album was one by the partridge family. "I'm just a day dreamer walking in the sun, chasing after rainbows that are never seen again, life is much to beautiful to live it all alone , oh how much I need someone to call my very own" WEll that's how I remember those lyrics from a long time ago!!

Sandra said...

Now that's a concert I'd love to go to. I have such memories of him - my cousin was a huge fan of his, and a bit older than me. But she had all the posters too. Well sadly we had to have our dog put down and I was totally devastated and my cousin wanted to cheer me up, so took all her posters and boxed them up and gave them to me :). Maybe I should see if I can find posters of him to give back to her x

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh you lucky girl, you!!!! If it weren't so far away, I'd be tempted to fly over and join you.
He sure was beautiful and i LOOOOOVED
The Partridge Family!!!
Have fun! Wish you could find your old T-shirt. Maybe they'll have new ones there for you to buy. : )
Mary Lou

KathiJo said...

Hi, I just found this via Suzie's 365+1 and I was so taken in by the first line, I thought it was about a girl meets boy etc, then I scrolled up and saw him.. I was with you on that.. do you remember the floppy vinyl 45's given free with magazines..and he talked to 'you personally! Love it! Xxx

KathiJo said...

Thanks for the note Sandi.. didn't have the collect-the-bits pic but my best poster was real heavy paper, white suit with kind of ethnic beads around kaftan neckline, bit like Elvis.. it kept falling off the wall on top of me in the night.. (early blu-tac) and I would wake to the rumble of poster and David! Oh joy! Shall look out for your story of the day.. would have loved to go but Penzance is so far from everywhere!