Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Grand Day Out For Geeks!

it is no secret that we are a family of gadget geeks! Some worse than others I might add, but overall it’s a label that applies to us all!!

So, it’s not surprising that we’ve had our tickets for the ‘2012 Gadget Show Live’ booked since before Christmas!! Last year was our first visit & we all enjoyed it so much.

20 Gadget Show LiveWe headed off to the NEC in Birmingham, to arrive just in time for the doors to open. We had tickets booked for the early live stage show, so after a quick check of the hall plans we took our seats in the arena!

This time the stage was central to the hall & our seats were just three rows back…behind the VIP contest winners…so we had a great view. The only downside is that the show is so fast moving it’s difficult to capture really good photo’s! But here’s the best of what I managed!

22 Susie

21 Jason 









24 Faces

23 Jason & Otis








These superimposed 3D talking heads were actually a bit creepy!

26 Nat Tweets


Nathan had fun taking part in the ‘Tweeting’ challenge…the best tweets were displayed on the circular screens above the stage & there were prizes given for the best three! Sadly, he didn’t win, but he had fun taking part!

Then it was off to explore the exhibition halls & try out all the new gadgetry on offer. The i-pod & i-pad seemed to dominate with loads of new apps & accessories available! There were some very cool household appliances & I’m now coveting a plumbed in ‘Bebo’ for instant boiling or chilled water on tap!

27 Lee's new toy

  Lee had recently upgraded his
  mobile phone to the new HTC 1S
  & was disappointed that there
  was nothing at the show to ‘add
  on’…one exhibitor told him it was
  just too new!!

  I managed to find a gadget for
  myself! Something I’ve wanted
  for a while, but decent ones have
  always been too expensive! But
  at the ‘veho’ stand I found just
  the thing & at a special show

28 My new toyprice with 50% off!! So ‘what is it?’ I hear you ask!!  Well it’s a scanner that will enable me to upload all our celluloid negatives & store them as digital jpg’s to edit & print where needed!! Like most families we have tons of photographs going back decades, but we also have a boxful of negatives & I know that I don’t have all the corresponding photographs. So that will be an on-going project for quite a while methinks!! 

25 Lee Golf

  Lee had fun showing off
  his golf swing in a golf
  simulator. He was pretty
  consistent with his scores
  but I don’t think we’ll be
  installing one of these at
  home anytime soon!!


…& then…guess what?!! My camera battery died!…& I didn’t have a spare with me! Short of buying a new spare from the Canon stand, which I was loathe to do, I had to put away my camera & just enjoy the day!

And we did! I highly recommend this day out, if you’ve not been before. We’ll definitely be booking our 2013 tickets as soon as they go on sale!

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


karen said...

You should have been born a man ! That negative scanner looks a great idea, I was just looking at that very idea at Costco. We are having our old wedding video put on to a DVD disc. They also a negative service at quite a price. So yours is a good investment.

scrappyjacky said...

The negative scanner looks a great idea.....though generally I understand little when it comes to gadgets!!!!

Sandra said...

I can tell you now, I'm not showing this post to my husband or telling him about it, he'll be sooooo jealous lol

Sian said...

Our little gadget queen here would have loved to have come with you!

We have one of those scanners and although we are only have way through our photos, it's been a worthwhile job so far. It's a real pleasure seeing all the old pictures reappear