Thursday, 29 March 2012

Two Steps Forward…One Step Back…

…but I am getting there!!! Thank you so much for all your ‘Get Well’ wishes. To bring you up to speed…

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My surgery went without a hitch! My Consultant even commented afterwards, that it was a very gratifying procedure for him, because it so badly needed to be done!

I arrived at the ‘Day Ward’ bright & early at 7.30am on the Tuesday, along with a bevvy of fellow day surgery patients & was immediately taken through to the female section of the ward, where, we women did what women do & found out all about each other & what we were in for!! We weren’t kept waiting for long & I was given second slot in theatre, so by 10.30am I was gowned up & in the Anaesthetic room.

This is my least favourite bit of the whole process, that feeling of letting go…not to mention all the needles it involves!!! I was firstly given a local anaesthetic in the left side of my neck, which involved an ultrasound scan, to make sure they didn’t hit any arteries or nerves (gulp!)…this felt so weird, I was numb from my scalp to my waist on my left side!! Once they were happy with this I was allowed to drift off & the surgeon worked his magic!!

Next thing I knew I was coming too…whinging & complaining about the oxygen mask that the male nurse replaced as fast as I kept removing it!! My shoulder was throbbing, in spite of the local anaesthetic, so I was given morphine & that shut me up! When I finally woke up properly, I was back on the day ward & it was almost 3pm!!

I was allowed home in the evening, once I’d eaten & drunk something & been to the loo!! Still numb on one side, arm in a sling & clutching ‘Big Guns’ pain relief, I felt I’d come through the day rather well!!

On Wednesday I slept ALL DAY! By the evening my left side was back to life with just a few remnants of numbness in my neck & jaw…although the puncture marks & bruising on my neck make me look like a cast member in a ‘Twilight’ movie! 

Thursday I slept till 2pm…got up to eat some porridge & wash, then I got back into bed again!! I have to say at this point just how blissful it is to be sleeping IN BED again & for such long stretches of time!! Friday I had to get up to have my dressings changed & quite enjoyed my walk to & from the GP’s in the sunshine…but yes…when I got back I crashed out on the sofa & slept till 6pm!!

Saturday, I slept till 10am but then got up & pottered about & although I watched two movies back-to-back in the afternoon, I stayed awake all day! Yay! Progress…I thought!!

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As the weather has been so glorious, on Sunday Lee suggested a trip out to a local garden centre. Good idea, thought I….but even the car ride there was uncomfortable & once in the centre, I felt as if I could keel over at any moment…needless to say it was a very quick visit & I was exhausted!!

So that’s how it’s been…two steps forward, one step back! I had my sutures removed yesterday & two of the three wounds are healing nicely while the third is still a little ‘sticky’. My pain relief holds off the soreness of the wounds, & I have none of the awful pain I had before.  The only time I wince is during my daily exercises to keep my shoulder mobile…I’ve yet to start physio’ proper, but am determined not to allow it to set back immobile!!

One silver lining from the whole process is a total lack of appetite, so in two weeks I’ve lost 6.5lbs! My challenge now is to hang onto that loss once the anaesthetic is fully out of my system & my appetite comes back with a vengeance!!

I apologise for the poor showing of photo’s in this post…I’ve nothing creative to share either! I have a couple of projects to knuckle down to before April 1st (!) & I think I should be OK with those… if I can just stay awake….!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by & do come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


scrappyjacky said...

So glad to hear the op was successful....and hope you're soon back to fully charged batteries!!

Beverly said...

So glad it all went well(I would have totally freaked with having to have the left side "paralyzed". Surgery traumatizes the body so the sleep is very much needed and helps you recover so it's nice that you went with the flow and didn't overdue (ubtil the garden center). Good luck with the PT but I am sure you are 100% committed ;)

Sandra said...

Oh I'm so pleased everything went well, please don't overdo it - you've waited a long time for this, so make the most of relaxing xxx

Sian said...

This is fantastic news! I can only echo what Beverly has said - take it very very easy and look after yourself. These things take time. But - hurray!

karen said...

It's amazing how much an anaesthetic mucks you up. I remember falling asleep everyday, as our windows were being restored downstairs. The banging was so loud, I cannot believe I slept through it all !
You lucky bugger, all that weight loss. How comes I only lost half a pound after not eating or drinking for 5 days !! You'll be hitting that NHS loss with ease.

debs14 said...

So pleased to hear the op was a success and that you are well and truly on the road to recovery now. Last time I had an op I was sleepy for over a week and afternoon naps were on the menu every day! Keep up with the exercises and well done on the unexpected benefit of weight loss!

Dawn said...

So pleased to hear all is going in the right direction and you are now more comfortable.
Well done on the fab weight loss, must make you feel so much better. Can't wait for when you can come out sticking and gluing again.
Please don't worry about 1st April if a problem :-) Health first then scrapbooking :-)

Huge hugs xx