Friday, 3 February 2012

So Disappointed!

Today I was supposed to be having my shoulder surgery but it has had to be postponed because my blood pressure is currently too high to undergo a General Anaesthetic.

I’m no stranger to moderately high blood pressure, for most of my adult life I’ve been advised to keep an eye on it. My reading is usually around 140 over 85, but at my pre-op assessment the best reading they could get was 167 over 103!! It is so scary because my last BP test was only six months ago, so that raise is very recent & with no symptoms at all!!

I guess that even though I am now losing some weight & have been taking more exercise through January, the last few months, with the car collision, Alex in Hospital & my very painful Christmas have all built up my stress levels to this end!

I am now on medication & I’m feeling a bit woolly headed & ‘top heavy’!! I have stopped drinking coffee & am diligently checking all food labels for salt content! I’ve been told to rest & report back to the nurse on Tuesday for a progress check. As soon as they are happy that it's stable at a more acceptable level, they will reschedule my surgery.

Meanwhile it’s plodding on with the painkillers, following Dr’s orders & wishing I was here…

…on a beach in Turkey, soaking up the sunshine…what better way to relax & de-stress?!!  **Sigh**

Keep everything crossed for me, I would so love to be able to enjoy a pain free & active Summer, but I need that Op first!! I’m off now to chill!!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


scrappyjacky said...

So sorry to hear this,Sandi...hope the BP comes down quickly and you can get the op over with.

Sian said...

Oh, how disappointing! That's rubbish news :( I hope it settles down for you quickly and your surgery can be rescheduled quickly.

..and congrats at the win over at Gotta Craft

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Hi Sandi ~ Just wanted to say hello and wish you good health. That's too bad about your BP - I'm sure in your mind you were getting psyched up for your surgery. I had shoulder surgery 6 weeks ago and it has not been fun, but I'm looking forward to getting through all the physical therapy and having it all behind me. Sounds like you're on the right track for taking care of yourself! Keep up the good work and all the best to you with your shoulder! xo

Beverly said...

I am so sorry, Sandi, i do hope the BP is under control next week and soon for the long haul. I was put on meds as soon as I was deemed prehypertensive , all is good now for the most part but I continue to take the meds because basically it's a diuretic and I have edema when I don't. Drinking plenty of water will also help. I always have my BP taken again after I've been in the exam room 10 minutes as I seem to need a settling in time. You might want to invest in your own bp monitor, it will help the dr and you see the pattern if there is one. Prayers lifted that you will soon be painfree and BP controlled

debs14 said...

How disappointing when you had psyched yourself up for the surgery. Have you tried a blood pressure monitor at home? I had to buy one as the minute I got the Dr's cuff on my arm, mine goes into hyperdrive!
You're doing all the right things so fingers crossed for the next appointment.

Lizzie said...

Poor you - what a pain (in more ways than one!). I do hope you're all sorted out very soon, so you can get your shoulder straightened out and begin to recover.
Good idea from Beverly, about a BP monitor - and about the "settling in time". Some people have perfectly normal BP until they go to the dr!
Hope you're soon sorted out. X

Sandra said...

It's so not fair, but you've had a lot going on. But you are doing everything right, so I'm hoping and keeping my fingers crossed it will be all ok soon xx