Monday, 20 February 2012

I think I blinked & missed it!!

Half Term, that is!! One moment it was Friday the 10th & the boys were excited about a week without school & the next the alarm is going off & it’s this morning & time to get back into routine!! How did that happen?!!

But…the week did hold some high points!!

Firstly, I have to echo some observations that the lovely Deb made in a recent post over on her blog, about how wonderful it is that the internet can bring us together with like minded people whom otherwise we’d probably never meet in real life!

As you know, I’m taking part in Cathy Zielske’s ‘Move More & Eat Well’ class over at Big Picture Classes & through the forum & the gallery, have come across several classmates with who I feel a connection. One of these is a super talented artist called Paul Browning.  His digital album pages just jumped right out from the gallery & his ‘story’ was one I could relate to as well!!  I’ve started following his blog & have been blown away by his ‘shabby chic’ paper craft creations!

Tag-10-02-2012 I left a comment for one particular item…a tag…& before I knew it I had a message on facebook asking for my postal details, as he wanted to send it to me!! How generous was that!

It is every bit as gorgeous in real life & it now has pride of place, on its own little easel, in my scrap room!

Thanks Paul!

I’d recommend a visit to Pauls blog, The Artsiders for some creative inspiration & leave Paul some love too!

15 Feb 2012 A 006


Of course, we had St Valentines day this week too. I think I may have traumatised the Interflora man by answering the door, still unwashed, unbrushed & in my PJ’s at 10am!!! 

He brought a gorgeous bouquet of Red Roses from my lovely Hubby, totally unexpected & still looking fresh a week later!!  I had asked for NO CHOCOLATE & he obviously got the message! We did go out for dinner too…but not until the Friday…neither of us can see the point in paying inflated prices just for eating out on ‘The Day’!!

15 Feb 2012 A 002The day after St Valentines, we had the most amazing sunset! I almost missed it!! I was working at my scrap desk & happened to glance up & out of the window…I grabbed my camera & just managed to get a shot before the sun dipped below the horizon!

SSQ11 Kit


….& what was I working on at my scrap desk?  It was a LO for a Soul Scrappers challenge. Another ‘Quest’ challenge where a little package of goodies arrives in the post & you have to use ALL the items on your project!

This time the theme was ‘seeing in the New Year 2012’…I had to cheat a bit, as I spent the New Years Eve in question curled up on the sofa in a drug induced stupor, thanks to my new pain relief prescription not agreeing with me!!  So I chose a photo of Lee & I taken at a Christmas party instead!! Well, needs must!!

I managed to use everything…down to the very last sequin & bugle bead!! The tinfoil was a challenge, but I ended up scrunching it & using it to cover the alpha’s for the title!

I had another Blood Pressure check-up on Thursday & I’m glad to report, it’s coming down nicely! Nurse Barbara thinks it may well be possible for her to sign me off for the anaesthetic when I see her again next Friday, so please, keep everything crossed for me!!! Then I just have to hope for a ‘soon as possible’ surgery date!!

So that’s all from me for today!  I know some of you will only just be starting Half Term holidays & I hope yours lasts longer than ours seemed to!!! I saw a post on facebook today that said ‘Only ‎30 more ‘get up's’ until the Easter holidays’  Love it!!  Not that I’m counting or anything!

Thank you so much for stopping by & come back soon! :)


Julie J said...

That photo does make me smile. You are so happy and smiley and Lee looks like someone just gave him the bill!
I've got my fingers crossed for your Op.

Scrappi Sandi said...

LOL Julie!! That's his 'Cool' face!!! :)

scrappyjacky said...

Oh dear.....I don't think he's quite mastered the 'cool' face yet!!!
I know just what you mean about half term disappearing though.

karen said...

Tell Lee, that is not a cool face !
That stash looked very tricky to work with. It was quite a challenge. Well, done as always.

Sandra said...

I'm certainly keeping my fingers crossed for you. Oh such a lovely layout.

Lizzie said...

Ooh, well done with the Challenge - I am very impressed at what you made with the bag of bits & pieces - very good!

Our half-term seems to have been speeded up too. Very strange... But only 30 "get-ups" til Easter eh? Ah well...

I hope your BP continues to drop and they can soon sort out the op for you - and that you'll soon be pain-free (or as much as possible)!

Paul Browning - The Artsider said...

Aww shucks, thanks for the mention Sandi :) Glad you like the tag. I'm panicking over the next months LO. Not sure I've managed to shift any weight. Been a bad boy recently and stuffed my face with sugar!!! Have to be ultra good this week.

Love the LO. I'm impressed at your using everything in the kit. I'm too fussy. It'd give me a creative meltdown haha. Fab photo, you look like you're having a ball.


Sian said...

Well, I'm glad I didn't blink and miss your post - Google Reader suddenly marked everything as read on me and it was just luck that I noticed I had a post from you to look forward to. Ack.

It's always great to hear about the connections being made through our online lives :)

I'm keeping everything crossed for you and the BP

Denise said...

Beautiful layout - I'm keeping all crossed for you and the dreaded BP,and thank you for your kind comments recently x x