Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Day Off Work & Another Challenge!!!

Sunday is usually my day to go out to work, but in honour of our forthcoming Silver Wedding Anniversary, I had booked it as a holiday! This was back in January, when I held out hope that we might even enjoy a long weekend away or plan a party to mark the occasion!!  As it’s transpired, with Hubby now being a full-time student until next summer, we are being extremely wise (!?!) & adhering to a tight budget, which meant that neither a long weekend away nor a party were going to be on the cards!!

We did however, have a fabulous family day out yesterday (more of that to follow in a later post!) & are planning a romantic dinner for two on Tuesday evening at a favourite restaurant. So while it may not be all bells & whistles, we are marking the occasion in our own way!!

Best Place in a storm As it turns out, we did the right thing, taking our day out yesterday, as today we have had torrential rain from early morning until about an hour ago!  The neighbours cat came in at 9am & after allowing me to towel him dry he settled on the guest bed!!  He’s still there now!! 

9 Rio-movie-Poster

I have another challenge to share with you today, from ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’

This months Poster Inspiration is ‘Rio’ & the added criteria are as follows…

1) Use Blue, Red & Yellow cardstock

2) Use a one word title 

3) Add a bird in somewhere!


Here is my LO for the ‘Rio’ movie poster challenge…

10 Winner!

…another photograph that I’ve been wanting to scrap forever!!  When I read the ‘include a bird’ criteria I knew this one was perfect!! This is Nathan, aged two, at his playgroup Christmas party. He loved being dressed up as a pirate & let me draw on a moustache, drape him in pearls, pin a felt parrot to his shoulder & tie a red sash around his middle to hold a scabbard & sword!!  He even started off wearing a clip-on earring & an eye patch!! 

The eye patch was soon lost, the earring removed because it pinched, the scabbard & sword abandoned because they got in the way of playing…but…the moustache & the pinned parrot were still in place right up to bath-time that night!!!  The icing on the cake was that he won first prize for his costume!!

Why not join in with us for this months challenge over at ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’? It would be so nice to see familiar names among the entrants!! There are some very desirable prizes up for grabs this month too!!

I’ll leave you with something that made me smile today!

Question: What do you get if you leave a fifteen year old boy alone to fix himself his idea of ‘The Perfect Lunch’?

11 The perfect lunchAnswer:      >>>>>

Can you believe it?! A mini pepperoni pizza surrounded by BBQ Pringles!!!  Not a vegetable in sight!!! Ah well, at least he cooked the pizza without setting fire to the house & he did arrange it quite artfully, don’t you think?!!!

Thanks for stopping by & I do hope you’re having a great weekend! :)


scrappyjacky said...

Your colours are perfect to match the poster...a lovely bright LO.
A very Happy Anniversary to you.

ladkyis said...

I think that is a perfect lunch, protein and carbs to get him through the afternoon and set him up for a healthy evening meal with all those pesky vegetables that "experts" tell us we need.

Leonie said...

Hi Sandi, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. This is a super take on the screen 2 scrap challenge. How awesome is that title?, totally love it. just pops right off the page. :)

Beverly said...

Great job on the layout. I'm thinking the 15 year old fixes a lunch that I'd be happy to eat although my new "plan" wouldn't allow it. Congrats on your 25th anniversary...1986 was a glorious year for weddings :)

Denise said...

What a great layout, such lovely vibrant colours - your comment and photo of lunch really made me smile! Also many congrats on having your mini book featured as you told on your last post - great stuff x

JulieJ said...

Love that LO!