Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sharing something healthy….& FREE!!

Just a quickie today! This is something I saw on the lovely Mel’s blog months ago & thought at the time ‘what a great idea!’ but like most things that don’t get written on a list, it slipped my mind!!

Today I received my first box from it was FREE!! Lee received an email from them offering a free first box & the second one for half price…so we both signed up & I must say I am impressed!!!

Graze BoxWhile Lee’s was all  hot & spicy, chilli nuts & Bombay style mixes…I opted for more seeds, nuts & fruits. I must say they all look delicious & come with all the information I need to be able to ‘point’ them for my Weight Watchers plan!

From box three onwards they’ll be just £3.49 per box…that’s great value & we will now both be receiving one very week!!  Well worth it if it gets us away from the habit of a biscuit (or worse!) with every cuppa!!

So…if this grabs your interest & you’d like to try a box yourself (sorry to all my overseas visitors, it’s only UK delivery!) just leave me a comment with an email link & I’ll send you a code for the FREE trial offer. I have eight codes on offer this week, but will have more in next weeks box!!  Just a note that you can cancel registration at any time, so it’s worth just trying a freebie!!

Just before I go…something that made me smile…regular visitors will know that we have been adopted by our neighbours cat, & while he goes home for his meals & leaves us at about 10pm each night, the rest of the day he is usually to be found somewhere in our house!!

On Sunday morning I looked out of our bedroom window to see him lay on top of the car…he didn’t see me, so I grabbed my camera…

Cat on a hot tin roof!
…& yes, he fell off! Of course he landed on his feet & did that thing that cats do so well, walked elegantly off with head & tail held high as if to say ‘I meant to do that!!’

Thanks for stopping by! Only 12 more days till the kids are back to school…scary eh!! Hope you’re all making the most of the holidays!! :)


Dawn said...

Hi Sandie, graze box looks fab - I'd be grateful if you could email me the link - off on my holiday this Friday and after the cruise think I am going to need to be really good and healthy :-)
Enjoy the rest of the summer break - I can't make the first crop with 3JS so may be sometime before we catch up.
Huge hugs Dawn xx

Sandra said...

I've often wondered about these boxes, I may need to look into it I think.

LOL ... Don't you just love cats attitude to life, & why is it that so many have more than one home. He must be related to our neighbours home, as he tends to spend quite a bit of time on our sofa lol