Monday, 27 June 2011

What a week that was!!

It has been one hectic, productive & joyous week!!

I’m not sure if it’s a story I’ve shared here before, but a little over three years ago my Hubby was made redundant, after 30 years in the finance industry. He made the decision to take a complete change of direction & embarked on a three year, part time, teaching degree course.

38 LeeB&W This week he learned that not only has he achieved a 2:2 grade on his degree, but that he has also been offered a place on a one year Masters degree course…full time, this time…starting in September!

I am so proud of his achievements…not only has he been studying for three years, but also working as a part time teaching assistant & taking various freelance work at all hours of the day, to ensure that the bills get paid!!!


So, on July 11th, at age 53, he will don a cap & gown for his Graduation Ceremony!!  You can be sure there will plenty of photo’s to share of the event!!

We’ve also been working hard this week to get Alex’s ‘work experience’ two weeks organised!  It has been a real issue as there seemed to be no local employer willing to take him, even with a teaching assistant in attendance. I can understand why, but it has been stressful!

But…the SENCO at school has been marvellous & has arranged for Alex to work within the administration dept at school, with particular involvement from the IT guys, who have already put together a sequence of programmes for Alex to work on.  It is such a relief to know that he will be able to get a valuable taste of a working environment, albeit a very familiar one!

MOM...Nathan came home proudly bearing his latest DT project…a mirrored wall decoration…

…”that’s lovely” I said “but isn’t ‘MOM’ a little American?”


No...WOW!!! “Oh Mum” he said “it’s not MOM…it’s WOW…it stands for ‘World Of Warcraft!”…Silly Me!!  It’s obvious really isn’t it?!!  I guess I should have known!!!
Anyway…Whatever!!…I think he’s made a good job of it!!

Also this week I’ve been up & down the loft ladder more times than I can count! I’ve cleared a space (mainly by relegating to the tip a load of empty cardboard boxes that Hubby always thinks may just come in handy!!) large enough to work in, sorting through our accumulated ‘Stuff’…mainly with a view to listing on eBay or car-booting!  But now at least my scrap room isn’t piled high with said stuff!

Bin Screen Today's project was to complete the smartening up of our wheelie bin store!  A space we created to house two of our three bins, which, although totally necessary are a bit of an eyesore!! 

Some time ago, we laid some slabs & put up some posts & trellis & that was how it stayed…project incomplete!

Over time the trellis fell apart, so something had to be done!!

Yesterday, while I was at work,  Hubby attached a reed screen around the two open sides, & today I have removed a strip of turf (established turf & very stubborn!!) & laid gravel up to the slabs to make a standing for two very old but much loved terracotta troughs!  I’ve planted them up with Nicotina & Busy Lizzies & now the whole area is much easier on the eye!

I can tell you it was very warm work…but on the plus side I’ve topped my holiday tan up very nicely!  We are now waiting for the promised thunderstorm to commence! It is so hot & humid & it will be bliss to have some rainfall to take the temperature down a notch or two!

I’ll leave you with a new sign I have above my computer desk in my scrap room…it says it all really…..

Broken Computer! 
I’m working overtime for the next two days, & the boys are off school on Thursday, owing to teachers industrial action, so this week will be gone in a flash!  Can you believe it’s the 1st July on Friday?!!!!  I’ll be back then with some creativity to share!

Thanks for stopping by & I wish you all a great week! :)


karen said...

Congratulations to Lee.I have some gradate stash you can have.As you know mine will never get used!!
I still can't see why you are doing mens work. thats what we marry slaves for?I just stand and be the foreman.
Off to Spain in a mo.

Sandra said...

That's such wonderful news. Big congrats being sent his way.

Sian said...

Sandi, big big congratulations to that husband of yours! That's fantastic news. You must be so proud (of course you are, that's why you wrote such a nice post - but you know what I mean!)

JulieJ said...

That nicotinia will mean you have the sweetest smelling bin area down your street! congratulations to your hubby on his achievement.

Lizzie said...

Well done to your husband! That is no mean feat - a degree while also working. I did a 2-year part-time course for a "HNC", before DS was born - working full time also. It was pretty exhausting - lots of "up til 4am writing assignments" etc (I certainly couldn't do it now!). I admire anyone who can achieve a degree and work at the same time - he has done great! Good luck to him, with his Masters' studies next year!

Like your Bin transformation. A very nice joint effort!

I hope the weather has cooled down at your end of the County - it's quite nice now, in Bedford!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Congratulations to the Hubby. I'll look forward to those photos of his graduation.
I sure got a kick out of the "clean house/broken computer" sign. Good one!!! : )

scrappyjacky said...

What wonderful news,Sandi.....many congrats to him.
I hope you won't mind if I 'borrow' that wonderful sign.

humel said...

Many, many congratulations to your husband :) And I'm glad you got something sorted for the work experience xx lol at the MOM sign, and indeed at the broken computer one! xx