Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Invitation Of The Season…

You know, I’d heard that there was something major happening on April 29th, but when the invitation arrived in the post…well I was SO excited!!! Would I be able to get a hair appointment?…Did I have a suitable outfit that fitted?!….Should I dig out a hat?…Or a fascinator? All of these questions needed answers!!

9 THE Invitation Now, I know what you’re thinking & NO…it wasn’t an invitation to THAT event, but something a little closer to home!!

Karen & Chris were holding a Garden Party to celebrate their Silver Wedding Anniversary & also to commemorate the wedding of these two lovely people!

10 Wills & Kate 




12 FascinatorTimed perfectly to start at 2pm, which gave us all time to watch the wedding on TV up to the two kisses on the balcony, before heading off into the sunshine for an afternoon of elegant Englishness!! & in case you’re wondering I opted for the fascinator!! (& the dress was a bit tight, but thank heaven for Magic Knickers is all I can say!!)

11 Karen&Chris

We had the perfect hosts & the garden was festooned with bunting & furnished with comfy chairs, Gazebo’s, rugs, parasols & everything you could need to enjoy an afternoon in the garden!

It was wonderful to actually meet people who I have previously only heard Karen speak about or have seen featured in her Layouts!!

18 Hilary

The lovely Hilary was there, also sporting a very elegant cream feather fascinator & we spent time getting to know Karen & Chris’s family & friends, perusing photo albums of their wedding & respective families, going back a couple of generations! A perfect pastime for scrap addicts!!

14 Scones


Karen had been baking for England & there were oodles of scones, offered up with bowls full of strawberry jam & clotted cream!!

15 Red Velvet cupcakes




Red Velvet cupcakes, beautifully decorated with piped frosting & sparkly sugar flowers & butterflies!

16 Hummingbird Cake



A stunning Hummingbird cake in three layers, I took some of this home with me & OMG it is delicious!!!  If you’re interested, Karen shared the recipe for this on her blog recently…you’ll find it HERE.

13 My Pavlova


My contribution to the table was a Pavlova, my favourite dessert of all time! I used Raspberries, Blackberries & toasted hazelnuts with just a few mint leaf tips scattered through!

And this was just the ‘sweet’ table!!! In another room we had a selection of finger sandwiches…Cucumber (of course), Salmon, Egg Mayonnaise…not to mention the vast array of other savoury delights!!

187 Pimms


Then of course, to wash all of this down there was plenty of Pimms, Champagne, soft drinks & the obligatory Tea,,,served in fine bone china cups!! How civilised!!

19 Diet...what Diet!!




Did I enjoy myself? 

What do you think?!!!!

I’d say that April 29th was a pretty near perfect day!!  The Royal wedding was like a fairytale….Kates dress… Sigh!! Pippa’s dress…Even bigger Sigh!!  The weather was perfect (I think Diana had a word with the Big Man upstairs!)…& time spent in great company in lovely surroundings!!

So that was how I spent my Royal Wedding Day! I do hope you enjoyed yours, however you spent it! I’m hoping to get around everyone’s blogs very soon to find out!!

Today marked the return of ‘normal’ routine, for the next four weeks at least, so I’m also hoping that my blogging will be a little more regular too!! I have a fabulous workshop with Sandie Vincent & the ‘3Jolly Scrappers’ to look forward to on Saturday, which I believe is also National Scrapbooking Day!!

Thanks so much for taking time to stop by & I wish you all the rest of a great week!! :)


scrappyjacky said...

Sandi....this sounds like the perfect afternoon....with the perfect English afternoon tea [oh, how I love them!]....you couldn't have spent the Wedding Day in a better manner.

karen said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself...

Jocelyn said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh I love all of these pics....Looks like such a grand time!!!! What tummy goodies....I so need to book a ticket and come for a visit!!!!

Afternoon tea is PERFECT!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day!!!

Hilary J said...

It was a great way to spend the Royal Wedding day!

Denise said...

Playing catch up again,What a lovely day for a celebration. I saw the photos over on Karen's blog.Lovely shots of you - and Hilary. Glad the weather held out too :-)