Monday, 28 February 2011

Hello, Hello I’m back again…

Did you miss me…yeah…while I was away?  Sorry to those too young to remember the ‘Glitter Band’ & this 70’s hit song!! I also apologise for my prolonged absence!! The last eleven (!!) days have passed in a flash!!

Half term started off well…the boys finished school at 3.10pm on Friday & by 9am on Saturday Nathan was complaining that he was bored!!! Oh to have time to be bored!!!

The weather wasn’t very co-operative & we didn’t get any days out…BUT…I did blitz both boys bedrooms! Removing all of the furniture, which meant dismantling beds, & rearranging everything to maximise the space & get rid of excess clutter!! It only seems five minutes since I did this job the last time, but we still filled a car for a trip to the tip!!

I did the same with my scrap-space too, removing the TV, since we will be switching to digital at the end of March & it will be useless then! I’ve gained quite a bit of work surface with it gone!! I even shredded loads of old statements & receipts I’d been hoarding in my filing cabinet & ruthlessly sorted my stationery supplies! It feels good to be de-cluttered!!

In between these jobs I did two days overtime at work…the journeys there & back were exhausting! When you’re used to relatively clear roads on a Sunday, the sheer volume of traffic on weekdays added to delays from road works & bad tempered drivers is enough to put anyone off going anywhere!!

34 Birthday AThe highlight of the week has to be Nathan’s birthday!

He started the day coming into our bed to open his cards & presents!

35 Birthday B



It was a motley selection of wrapping paper! I had decided to use up all the leftover bits & bobs rather than buy new!! I know it sounds mean, but it only gets ripped off in an instant & I don’t think he even noticed!!

36 Birthday C The silliest thing he got was a monkey hot-water bottle …that was from me, because he’s always pinching my hottie!! He also got a load of cash from various relatives & a selection of stuff for scootering & the X-Box!

Lee snuck in a pack of pork scratchings for him!!  I hate these things…they are a recipe for a coronary in a packet!! But Lee’s argument was that it’s only once a year!!! Men!! Nathan waited till I was at work to eat them!!

37 Birthday D For the first year ever, he turned down a party in favour of having just one friend for a sleepover!!   His one request was that they could have a KFC family bucket for tea!!

…& what did this street wise just-turned-twelve scooter dude choose for a birthday cake! Why ‘Hello Kitty’ of course!!!

38 Birthday E


I’m sorry, I should have taken the photograph before the candles were lit & blown out!!


39 Birthday F The rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ was a bit sparse with just the four of us singing, but he blew out his candles in one hit & seemed to make a very ‘involved’ wish!!

After tea they set about having a ‘Nerf’ gun battle!  The house was a riot & Lee & I escaped to our respective bolt holes!…thankfully nothing got broken, but I am still finding ‘Nerf’ darts everywhere!

They finally fell asleep at about midnight!

I can’t believe that this time next year we’ll have another teenager on our hands!

To wrap February up…I met my good friend Sally for brunch today. We met years ago when we worked together, but don’t see one another as often as we should. Distance is what stops us, but making the journey when time permits is so worth it!

40 Sally & I

We are both ladies of the larger variety, who would really rather not be!! We both try to lose weight & laughed today that although we are  members of Weight Watchers, we are both exactly the same size & shape as the last time we saw each other in 2010!!

So…we set ourselves a challenge!  We are going to treat March 1st as a second New Years Day & start over on our weight loss resolutions! We plan to meet for lunch on 28th March & our goal is to have lost 10lbs (each!) by then!!

So on that sobering thought I’ll make my farewells!! Thank you so much for stopping by & I will be back very soon to share the gorgeous Dixie Pieces March kit & what I did with it, along with the latest challenge over at ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’…see you then! :) 


scrappyjacky said...

Just love his choice of cake!!!

Hilary J said...

Missed you... good to have you back. And hope to catch up in person soon.

Sian said...

It IS good to have you back! We had a boys birthday recently too - ended up with a sleepover for half a dozen 16 year olds (and no I don't know how he fitted them all in his room. I was too scared to look). KFC is a popular birthday tea choice too here. Happy Belated Birthday Nathan!

Denise said...

hello,hello yep we missed you and looks like you've had a lovely time.His choice of cake - perfect!

Lizzie said...

Well, Happy (belated) Birthday to Nathan! My DS is now 13 and growing like the proverbial "weed". He has given up on the expensive parties in recent years, in favour of a meal out with friends, or a trip to the cinema. This time though, he had 3 friends over and an old-fashioned birthday tea-party - which they all thoroughly enjoyed!
I love Nathan's choice of cake - and that he has the confidence to make the choice that he likes best.
You have done an amazing amount over your half term holiday! We managed a bit of tidying up... a trip to the cinema, a meal out, friends to lunch on the first Saturday and a trip to Swindon for a family party this weekend. Apart from that, I seem to have managed more Destructive than Constructive in my Studio/Craft Room (see my blog for all the messy details!!).
I am so impressed by the emptying of your boys' rooms and all the stuff you have cleared out.. Oh for the energy to do the same here!
Good luck with your "New Year's Resolution" - at least if two of you are trying together, you have the moral support. I'll watch out for the Results Report!

karen said...

Hello Kitty cake???????
I hope non of his school friends see the photos.