Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Pressing Evidence!!…

#19 Empty

OK Karen…this one’s for you!!!


This is what I achieved on Saturday!! My boys wardrobes are now neatly stacked with neatly folded T-shirts & school shirts all hung in a row!!


#20 Folded!#22 Hung-Up!#21 Folded 2!

My wardrobe & closet are also full to busting with stuff that has been languishing in the basket since before Christmas!! I’m spoiled for choice with what to wear now…cheaper & more satisfying than a shopping spree!!

I’m now on a mission to get every room cleaned & up to standard for Mum-In-Laws visit, & Christmas part two, this coming weekend!  I’m up to speed with downstairs & have no stress with our bedroom & preparing Pat’s room….BUT…I look at the boys bedrooms & the main bathroom & shudder…I’m going in & I may be sometime!!!!

This weeks film was ‘Love & Other Drugs’ Starring Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway…


A word to the wise….take tissues!!!

Jake Gyllenhaal is too gorgeous & should carry a health warning for women of a certain age…& Anne Hathaway is just such a pretty girl!

Lots of nudity, steamy sex scenes that elicited plenty of shuffling in seats throughout the theatre, but all relevant to the storyline!

A very difficult topic (early onset Parkinson's Disease) sensitively covered & beautifully acted.

I shed more than a few tears & there were even a few laughs to be had…my only criticism would be that I left wanting to know what happened next…how the story panned out?  But that’s typical of me…I like a start/middle/end to my stories!!! 

Right…I’m off to do the school run now!! Thanks for stopping by & come back soon!! :)


scrappyjacky said...

I tend to like a 'proper' ending as well.
Good luck with the cleaning mission!!

Dawn said...

Congratulations on tackling the ironing - think of all that extra scrapping time you'll now have .... well until the next pile comes out the machine!!! Hope you have a lovely belated Christmas with your MIL xxx

karen said...

Only I know why that ironing had to be done.Poor MIL could't sleep in the bed otherwise.
Sandra has to hide the evidence,of how she spends her days surfing the net,scrapping and generally relaxing.Poor MIL's son.
If only MIL knew.

Sian said...

I've got to make a start on a weeks worth of ironing this morning..

I'm loving the frsh spring look you've given the blog :)