Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Getting Off To A Good Start!

It is my intention to tie up my scrappy loose ends as soon as possible in 2011 & I can now tick one off my list! Cast your mind back to a post in mid November & a project from a workshop with the lovely Marie! Well, I’m pleased to say that, that project is now complete!!…& here is the photographic evidence!!

Pages 1 – 9…

oo 2 
A Day At The Zoo 1…& pages 10 – 14 …& the cover (yes, I know it should have been at the start, but try as I might I couldn’t get Picassa to put it there!!)

It’s been lovely to get  long overdue documenting of a great day out done & dusted & the fact that I made the book from scratch myself makes it all the more gratifying!

How cute Alex & Nathan look at age 5 & 3!! It was lovely to see London Zoo & all it’s amazing animals through their eyes…nine years ago & it only seems like yesterday!

Talking of yesterday…literally!  I was in TV heaven…a new series of ‘Larkrise to Candleford’ started on Sunday & Lee had Sky+’d it for me…I sat & watched it while I ate my lunch yesterday  & enjoyed every minute of it!





Then last night the new series of Glee started…that’s me sorted for the next six weeks!!

I am also pleased to report that the film we caught on Sunday evening was just wonderful! So, if you’ve not yet been to see ‘The Kings Speech’…get ye to the cinema at your earliest convenience!!

The Kings Speech It was an absolute delight on so many levels, not least for the insight into the life of the royals leading up to the second world war. I knew that King George VI had a stammer & had been (cruelly in my view) nicknamed by his brother B-B-B-Bertie, but hadn’t realised how much it had affected his life.

Colin Firth plays the role to perfection & deserves every single Oscar he’s been nominated for & then some!

Oh!…& Helena Bonham-Carter is totally convincing as the young Queen Mum!

Scrap Credit CardsToday I got an email advertising this scheme…Visa credit cards that earn reward points to be spent on scrapbooking supplies!  What a great idea, I thought & even if I wasn’t going to use it, I’d love to have one of those scrappy designed cards sitting prettily on my wallet!!  I clicked the link…only to read the first line ‘Only available to US residents’!!!  So why send me the information? 

11 Jan 2011 002 I mentioned before Christmas that I was knitting a snood as a gift for a friend…it was a huge success, she loved it!  Sadly I forgot to photograph it before I wrapped it up & sent it off, so…here’s another in the making!  It’s a really fluffy mohair yarn & knits up really quickly…I love knitting on a circular needle too, as you can just keep going without having to turn at the end of each row!!  I should have this one done by the weekend & then I’m intending to knit a jacket for myself!!

I have so much yarn, accumulated over the years in sales at Liberty’s & John Lewis, who always have such worthwhile reductions on reputable yarns such as Rowan & Jaeger!  I used to be a prolific knitter when the boys were small, but they don’t want hand-knits now…it’s not considered cool!!

Before I go I must mention that I will have some news to share next time…I’ve been deliberating on a couple of invitations that came my way between Christmas & New Year (trying to maintain BALANCE!) & all should be share-able by the weekend!

Thanks so much for stopping by & I wish you all a warm & healthy week! : )  


ScrappingMomOf3 said...

excited to hear about your news!

Dawn said...

Loving the pages from the book and you have time to knit!!!
Looking forward to hearing your news (yes I am very nosey!!!) xx

karen said...

You have been busy.I hope that ironing pile hasn't turned into a mountain again?

Jocelyn said...

Love all these beautiful creations!!!!!!

Now sweet friend what is a snood!!! I love the knitting..I have so wanted to learn how...but no one here knows how to knit!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day...YUCK ironing!!!! :-)

Sian said...

No, afraid the only taker I have for my knitted creations is my nephew - who isn't big enough to make his objections heard yet! I love the snood and might try one if I can find my long circular needles.

Great post with lots of chat - the kind I like best :)

scrappyjacky said...

Great post.....so much to see and read here,Sandi...love the mini album....stunning.
And that's definately a film I want to see.

humel said...

What a lovely catch up :-) Gorgeous projects, especially the first - and good for you getting some things finished! If my creative process gets interrupted I'm not good at going back and finishing things...

Can't wait to hear your news xx

Beverly said...

Love the completed zoo project! Congrats on wraping it up :)