Saturday, 2 October 2010


Now, those of you at a similar age to myself will recognise the title of a kids TV series I used to enjoy back in the early 70’s…this week I have felt like a character in that story!! I have lost so many days it’s untrue!!!

When I sat down to blog last Saturday, my week ahead looked very full…indeed, I have had clinic & hospital appointments to ferry Alex to, a full day in London for training, deadlines to meet for various scrapping challenges…all added to the usual chores!

So…what happened? How have I arrived back at Saturday so soon!! It is truly beyond me!!! I have just spent some time listing yet more items to sell on eBay…I had a good result on last weeks listings..all now paid, packed & posted…so onward & upward!! I have even resisted browsing through anything to buy, for fear of spending my earnings before I’ve held them in my hand!!!

Since I last posted I have been to the cinema…on my own, as my cinema buddy was suffering with back pain, so I was able to indulge myself with popcorn!! (Amanda hates the stuff & the noise it is impossible to avoid making while you eat it!!)tamara-drewe-movie-poster

I chose to see ‘Tamara Drewe’…I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the cast looked great & it’s write-up suggested it was funny, so off I went!

It was enjoyable, but hardly ‘rolling in the aisle’ funny…the casting was very good & Gemma Arterton is absolutely stunning…I first saw her in the ‘St Trinnians’ remakes & as well as being gorgeous, she can act!!!

As I mentioned, I’ve had a couple of deadlines to meet, scrapwise! I’m still lagging behind with my LSNED project, but am keeping up with the ‘Glee Club’ callenges over at Dixie Pieces!!

This weeks challenge was {AlTErnaTivE} create a LO with one of a choice of song titles by the band ‘Train’ & be true to the grungy alternative music style!!

Now, I may have been a closet punk in the 70’s but I had to google to find out about the more recent ‘alternative’ music scene!! I opted for the song title ‘Ordinary’ & included it in the title of my LO like this…

October1 2010 012 
…‘This is no Ordinary Boy’…once again I kept in mind that there are ‘secret points’ to be earned for supplies & techniques used in each weeks challenge. (BTW I earned only 2 out of a possible 5 for last weeks LO, so it’s not easy to predict!!) I have stitched & painted & inked, used stamping & rub-ons, distressing & even broke out the glimmer mists!!! I’ve used brads & beads & chipboard & blooms, buttons & ribbons & staples & dymo…it felt good to even use up a couple of bits that I have hoarded, magpie like, for absolutely ages…a length of grey shoelace & a leather tag & chain from a pair of shoes, bought for one of the boys yonks ago!!! 

There are some amazing LO’s in the gallery over at Dixie Pieces for this weeks challenge (& last weeks too!)…I heartily recommend that you pop over & take a peek if you have time!  It’s not too late to join in either, should you feel so inclined!!

Well…I must away, as I can hear my washing machine bleeping that it’s ready for the next load! Thank goodness the sun is shining today & I have managed to get some of the larger items pegged out!!  Nathan has a friend coming for a sleepover tonight so I need to get a cake in the oven too!  See what I mean…it’s nearly 2pm already…where does the time go?!!!

Thanks for stopping by..catch you again all later!! :)


Sian said...

A closet punk, eh? I might have known! I love all the bits you have used on your not-so-very-ordinary-at-all layout.

scrappyjacky said...

A busy old week then. The LO is just all just sits together so well.Please send us some of your's been a dull wet day here.

karen said...

Did you say you have a bun in the oven!!!!
Thats LO must be worth at least 3 points???
Glad to see you used some of that grunge board at last.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Sandi,
Thanks for cheering me on during these last several weeks of "wedding bliss". Your comments put a smile on my face.
I see you're still creating beautiful layouts! You're amazing.
I must go see "Going the Distance". I could use some down time now. : )
Take care,
Mary Lou

humel said...

I'm afraid 'Timeslip' doesn't mean anything to me... Love your layout xx