Saturday, 24 July 2010

Nostalgia & Gullibility!….

Today I am nursing a sore head & an ever-so-slightly queasy tummy! last night I joined a group of eight friends for a ‘Come Dine With Me’ style evening. The lovely Kali had created a fabulous menu of Greek delights, which we enjoyed with the ‘Mamma Mia’ soundtrack as a background!  Another of the guests, Helen, had made a delicious punch…in fact there were two bowls & we were told that the pink one was non-alcoholic!! Now, I could protest here at being lied to, but I really have to say it was my being gullible that was the issue!!!

I rarely drink alcohol…the odd glass of champagne at a celebration, a glass or two of Pimms in summer, but I never actually crave a drink…I’m much more of a foodie. It comes in handy as I’m always happy to be the designated driver & I find it highly entertaining to observe my chums antics as they get squiffy!!

Anyhow, back to last night…my glass was topped up frequently & it was delicious…pink & sparkling with raspberries floating prettily… then, as we relaxed with our dessert, Helen divulged the ingredients in her ‘non-alcoholic’ mix…Vodka, Malibu AND a 40% proof raspberry liquor topped off with lemonade!!!  It was only as we left the table that I realised that one of my legs must have grown shorter during the meal…how else can I account for not being able to cross the room in a straight line?!!

So, I’m supping water by the gallon today & hoping the ol’ tum will settle down without much more ado!!!

maltEaster I’ve fallen waaaaay behind with LYPLYP…an issue I hope to resolve in the coming week!

My last entry to the forum was for prompt 15 ‘A photo series’…I cheated a bit by not actually taking a fresh series of photo’s…I will do so when time permits…& instead used the  collage of my one & only chocolate Easter treat this year…a Malt-Easter bunny!

I had savoured each & every morsel & taken a photo after each bite…how sad was that?!!! I think I may just have to scrap these now too!!!


And finally….as the next ‘BIG 0’ looms ever nearer, I found myself feeling wistfully nostalgic in the detergent aisle at Tesco yesterday. There on the shelf was something else celebrating a half century….Fairy Liquid!!
24july2010 012

…hands up all of you who remember creating wonderful (?) craft projects using an empty Fairy Liquid bottle under the instruction of good old Valerie Singleton on Blue Peter?!!!

Well, to mark the occasion, the old bottle is back, just as I remember it from my childhood…so now I have one to grace my draining board & to remind me that I’m not alone in my milestone year!!

In fact Coronation Street is celebrating 50 years on air too…I think I may just have to research a bit more into 1960 & find out who/what else has a reason to celebrate this year!!! Watch this space!!

Thanks so much for dropping by…I’m off now for a slice of dry toast & another glass of water!!!! 


debs14 said...

Oh dear. Hope you are feeling a bit better now. And you'll know NEVER to trust her again!
BTW are the Crafty Stash crops still going on round your way? Our last two have been cancelled without a reason. Just wondering if Sue is winding up the Welwyn ones?

Denise said...

Poor you, I'm way behind on LYPLYP too.I hope you feel better soon,and how weird to tell you it wasn't alcoholic with all those very alcoholic drinks in it !! xx

Pauline x said...

Oh My you poor thing! I hope you are soon feeling much better! I am way, way behind on LYPLYP haven't done any yet..... hopefully with the school hols I will be able to make a start!!!
Feel Better xxx

Jocelyn said...

Oh dear....feel better soon!!!!! Yuck nothing worse than feeling bad!!!!

Wishing you a great week!!!

humel said...

Poor you! What a rotten trick... Hope you're feeling better now xx

Love that sequence of photos :-) If I had the patience to put chocolate down between bites I might try to take a similar set of pics!!

PS I quite thought you were referring to 40 xx