Thursday, 24 June 2010

Time for a Fresh Start!….

Having failed to shed the minimum of a stone before our departure to Chicago, in spite of the determination I had felt about not wanting to carry that excess baggage with me to another continent, I was pleasantly surprised to discover, on our return, that I had only gained 1lb!! This amazed me as we had seemed to be eating such vast portions of everything while we were there!

Now I’m back into a semblance of routine (I still haven’t made it to the gym yet as my chest is not quite recovered!) I decided that I needed a Fresh Start…a change of direction! I have been a member of Slimming World for too many months & had, I think, become too used to the plan… so I was not seeing much in the way of positive results! It does work, but you have to stick to the plan…& if I’m honest, I wasn’t!!!

BUG_75250_Calculator_104 So…last Wednesday I signed up for Weight Watchers. I successfully lost weight with them after Alex was born, almost 14 years ago, & then fell pregnant with Nathan, putting it all back on…& then some!! I remember it as being quite complicated, but allowing me to eat quite a lot. My good friend Karen is a Goal Member & kept telling me I should try it. So I have. Well…it has changed…& in every way for the better!! It is soooo simple & I really felt that I must be doing something wrong as for the past week as I seem to have eaten so much & so many ‘nice’ things!

I went along to my first weeks weigh in yesterday to discover that I had lost FOUR AND A HALF LBS!!! I was so overwhelmed that I cried…yeah I know, what a wimp!! But I had resisted getting on my own scales all week, so really had no idea what to expect & I was just so surprised!  So, as I have a BIG birthday looming, I intend to make a BIG difference between now & then…7 weeks & counting!!

Speaking of Karen….I have to say a HUGE Thank You to her…so…


During Shimelles ‘Something From Almost Nothing’ class, she won a prize of a pass for two into any Shimelle class & she has kindly shared it with me!! We are signed up for the forthcoming ‘Love your Photo’s…Love Your Pages’ class, which starts on July 4th…1285 I can’t wait!  If you’ve never done one of Shimelles classes before, I strongly recommend it!  Go HERE for full details & to sign up!!

So that’s it…just a quick one today! I must away to tend to Alex who has had to come home form school early. The heat always affects his blood sugar levels…something to do with it interfering the absorption of insulin….so he’s languishing on the sofa watching TV…itching to play X-Box, but that’s off limits during school hours…am I a tough Mum or what?!!!!

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine!!


humel said...

Hooray!! Good for you :-) I went to WW after my girl was born, it worked really well for me, and if ever I want to lose a bit of weight now I just follow the principles of their plan. Good luck for continued success (but remember that often the first week is best, as your body finds the new regime most startling during that week - don't be disappointed if you don't do quite so well next time) xx

scrappyjacky said...

Well done on the weight loss....and looking forward to seeing you in class.

debs14 said...

I'm a Rosemary Conley girl myself! But I think they're much of a muchness as to what you can eat. I think that making that committment and making your decision to lose weight public always helps and shames you into saying No to some of the 'naughtier' foods!
Four and a half pounds in a week - Good Girl! We need a 'before' and 'after' layout so make sure you take photos!
ps See you at Shimelle's!

Sian said...

Well done on the weight loss and best of luck with reaching your birthday target!

Denise said...

Well done you,just keep thinking of that birthday ! Oh,and see you in class xx

Jocelyn said...

Yay for you!!!! So sorry about Alex...Joe is having a tough time keeping his sugar regulated too...We have temps in the 100's today and I feel like a wet noodle!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day!!!

karen said...

Guess what Sandra.I lost another 3lb at weigh in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have one more pound to be at goal and get WW free again.Yahhhhhh