Friday, 4 June 2010

That’s more like it!…

I’m feeling very English…my recent blog posts have all focussed on the weather & my garden! Well…this one isn’t much different!!

2June2010 006After such a bleak weekend, weather wise, I was able to enjoy my morning cuppa, since Wednesday, in a sunny ‘coffee corner’ while bee’s buzzed & tiny sparrows made use of the bird bath…bliss!

2June2010 011
2June2010 027


The dew was still wet on the grass & on leaves, the sunlight making everything sparkle.



2June2010 036Everything is just waiting to burst into flower…


The sweet peas…


2June2010 060



The Jasmine…


2June2010 052


…& there are thousands of these tiny buds arching over my ‘coffee corner’…each one will be a perfect white rose in a week or so!


2June2010 044


The Aquilegia is now in full bloom…I love this delicate plant & this deep purple variety is just stunning this year! 


2June2010 069


Impatiens…or as I always think of them…’Busy Lizzies’…remind me of my Mum, so I love them!

2June2010 041

Sadly, so does this fellow & his many relations!…but we have a secret weapon in the face of such pesky little blighters! 


We have two regular night time visitors to our garden…Hedgehogs, Speedy & Spike! I am hoping that at some point, their appetite will outrun that of the slugs & my blooms will be safe!!  Beats pesticides any day of the week!!

Now…I am asking for some help here! Can anyone tell me what this little fellow is? I have seen his kind many times before…I don’t think he is a Bee as such, he hovers…2June2010 056…& he settles & seems to feed on the flowers of my Ceonothus, but I don’t know what he is!!
  2June2010 055All & any suggestions & info welcome!

There is no need to say that it is now only THREE days till we fly to Chicago…but I will anyway!!!! I am all ready but for packing those last minute bits & bobs & am just SOOOO excited it is not true!  I will be back to post before we go…in the meantime, have a fabulous weekend, whatever you have planned…or whatever the weather turns out to be where you are!

Thanks for dropping by! 


karen said...

Isn't it great to be able to sit out in the garden.Hubby is out there now reading the paper and its only 7.30am!
Teddy prefers the comfort of my bed.

Hilary J said...

He's a hoverfly (just like you said!) See you bright & early on Monday morning for the start of our OCD tour...

debs14 said...

Have a brilliant time! Don't spend too much ;-)
Looking forward to hearing all about it when you return!

Denise said...

Great having some sunshine isn't it? Hope you have a fab time in Chicago and look forward to seeing all the details when you are back x