Thursday, 15 April 2010

Too many Calories & {Another} ‘Tena Lady’ moment!!!


I am very lucky that since the day I
met Lee’s Mum, Pat, we have got along well.  When she comes to visit, she just fits right in & we never have to stand on ceremony.  Lee’s brother still lives in Hereford & so has full use of Pat’s babysitting services (although their son is the same age as Nathan, so not a baby!) so when she visits us she makes sure that we get some child free time!

Yesterday we were doubly spoiled as she stayed with the boys in the morning, so that Lee & I got to go to the gym TOGETHER!…A first!!! We swam & sauna’d, although my usual 30 lengths seemed inadequate alongside Lee’s 60+…he is such a strong & fast swimmer…but it was so nice to relax & chat in the sauna!

Then, in the evening we went out again! Just to a favourite local restaurant. We had planned on going further afield, but in the end stayed local as Alex’s teatime BM reading was quite high & we wanted to be able to get back quickly if needed. 15Apr2010 001

I tried very hard to choose carefully from the menu, but with Lee it is so difficult & I’m afraid I did get a little carried away!!!!!

While we were perusing the menu, we nibbled on three sticks of bread (not EACH I hasten to add, we shared three!)…cheesy, ciabatta & seeded, dipped into balsamic vinegar & olive oil, garlic butter & chillies in oil!!!

15Apr2010 003


Then we shared two starters….

…these delicious potato skins filled with cheese & red onion marmalade…15Apr2010 006


…& some garlic breaded mushrooms with sour cream & barbecue dips!

For main course Lee ordered a steak with fries & all the trimmings, while I did manage to select a healthier option….

15Apr2010 008

…of char grilled chicken with salad with white & wild rice, & a piri piri sauce.

15Apr2010 010


But then came the crux of the evening!!! The dessert menu!!! What is a self confessed sugar addict & chocolate junkie to do when presented with such a document?!!!


…well who am I to argue with my husbands choice of hot chocolate fudge brownie sundae?!!!

I have to report that it was utterly delicious & I scraped every last bit from the bottom of the glass!

I am most definitely NOT on the wagon at the present time, but WILL be resuming better self control in the very near future!! I’m a little embarrassed that my weight loss total in the sidebar has been static for rather too long a while!!

So after that feast, we settled back with our coffee’s…15Apr2010 016

Lee’s an espresso & mine a black Americano…little & large all over again!!! But I did decline a Tia Maria chaser!!!


What then….well, we paid the bill & made our way out to the car park…..

…as the door closed behind us…well there is no delicate way to say this…Lee broke wind!!  He had obviously thought that the car park was deserted, but had failed to notice that there was a young chap sheltering under the roof overhang, smoking a cigarette.
tenamomentThe look on that poor young mans face just started me laughing & I barely made it to the car without an ‘accident’….tears rolled down my face & I could hardly breathe!!!

What my good friend Karen would call a ‘Tena Lady’ moment…my second in a week & boy do they make me feel good. It surely must be true that laughter is the best medicine, I was giggling all the way home & dissolved again relating the tale to Pat…but I slept so well last night! Mind you maybe the fact that I’d consumed about a gazillion calories may have helped!

Pat is going home tomorrow, so I’m hoping to have some scrapping time in the afternoon & time to choose & print photo’s for Saturdays Crafty Stash crop…the sneak peek looks lovely…very purple, but lots of texture!

Thank you once again for stopping by…I hope none of you in the UK have been too badly affected by volcanic ash!! Hope you ALL have a great weekend! :)


karen said...

Shame you didn't get to Yuva,but that all looked yummy.
At least we should loose a few pounds in Chicago.
Unfortunately this type £££££££

Anonymous said...

all looks lovely did you go to the marina

Jocelyn said...

Oh Sandi....that meal looks soooooo Yummy and my oh are soooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!! Every picture made me more hungry!!!

That is tooooo funny about Lee....I must admit....we had the same thing happen..and there is nothing better than a good laugh....

Reading you post made me smile...I just adore you!!!!

Have a great one sweet friend and thanks for sharing!!!

debs14 said...

Lee must be thrilled that the whole of blogland knows about his 'indiscretion'! Men eh?! And we won't tell the calorie police about your night out if you don't ;-) You have to be bad sometimes in order to feel virtuous about being good the rest of the time. That's my theory anyway.
I'me going to the WGC Crafty Stash on Sunday so will be interested to see what you do on Saturday. I'm loving the colour of the sneak peek but I am famous for taking photos with me that don't suit the layout and spending time saying 'Oh, I wish I'd brought different pictures'! So a nice 'heads up' would be great!

Sian said...

Looks like you had a great time out :) There's nothing like a great laugh to make you feel good.

humel said...

lol!! Poor Lee :-) Your meal looks amazing, now I understand why people keep telling me that my blog makes them feel hungry...

Denise said...

That is such a man thing to do - without realising someone is there and why do we find that function so funny!Looks like you had an amazing lunch and I'm looking forward to the Craftystash crop (Sunday) too - looks like yummy colours.Have a great weekendxx

Anna said...

Breaded garlic mushrooms are my absolute favourite (apart from olives of course!) It all looks delicious ...
Have a lovely weekend and a great time at your crop :)