Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A bit of Happy Trivia!!…

Ms_Bright_Side_Award I was lucky enough to be given a ‘Ms Brightside’ award this week, by the lovely Heather, which requires that I share 10 things that make me happy & 5 bits of trivia about myself!! So Thank You Heather &  here goes!…

Happy List…

1. Hugs from my boys
2. A rare night out with my Hubby!
3. A clean & tidy house!!!
5. Time spent with good friends
6. Scrapping time…obviously!
8. Perfect fitting trousers!!!…believe me, that’s not easy!!
9. My swim & sauna Wednesday mornings!
& 10. Blog Hopping….


1. I HATE celery!!
2. I have never been skiing
3. I am scared of spiders…ugh!!
4. I can roll my tongue
& 5. Although I am an accomplished knitter, I CANNOT get the hang of crochet!!!!!…believe me I’ve tried!!!

Now, I’m to pass this on to FIVE of my blogging friends, & I choose

1. Anna @ ‘Anna Begins Again’ 
2. Sian @ ‘From High In The Sky’
'3. Mel @ ‘I speak Melsh’
4. Jocelyn @ ‘Simply Me’ 
& 5. Karen @ ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’

So come on girls…let's see your lists too…& don’t forget to pass it on!!


humel said...

Aww, thanks hun - what a lovely thing to find during my big blog catch-up! xx

Sian said...

Aw, thank you so much Sandi :) It's just what I need to remind me to look on the bright side on another damp Easter holiday morning x

Jocelyn said...

Oh Thank you sweet Sandi!!! I am so Happy with this wonderful award!!!

I loved reading your list and those perfect fit trousers...wish I could find a pair!!!

Anna said...

Thank you Sandi! :D

The bright side, eh? Does this mean that I have to stop moaning for five minutes ... ;)

Lisa Howard said...

Hey Sweets! Loved your happy list and the trivia you shared! As for those perfect fitting trousers...hmmmm...they have eluded me my entire life. Should I find a pair that fits the waist, I most likely cannot get them over my proportionally larger backside. So I settle for pants that fit my rear and walk around pulling them up all day...and that's WITH a belt. LOL!

Hope you are having a wonderful week! {{{hugs}}} L

HappyMomOf2 said...

LOVE it, Sandi! :)

Ade said...

Hey Sandi - thanks for posting the e-mail details from Shimelle on my blog!

Anonymous said...

keep going with the crochet you'll get there. Not going to be going to Sue's for a while so it would be good to catch up for a coffee some time:)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Fun facts!!! I loved your recent layouts...especially the 'I Love Being Right'. And the butterfly layout was stunning. : )