Thursday, 4 March 2010

What’s in your handbag?….

I saw this on Mel’s blog yesterday & loved it….so interesting to see what’s in someone else’s bag…what they consider essential to have to hand! I thought I’d play along too!!

Here goes….This is my bag…bag

It’s one of three I use regularly, although I own several more!!!  I love that it’s squashy & roomy…made from black leather with silver coloured buckles & eyelet trims, it has three very useful internal pockets!

So what does it hold?  Well…I tipped it out onto the bed & apart from the dust bunnies that hopped out & one gum wrapper, which I threw in the bin…too unsavoury to share..this is it…

My wallet, chequebook, filofax, hairbrush & hairspray, brolly, make-up bag, glasses cleaning cloth, pack of tissues, sweeteners, pen, wet wipes, bag light, antibacterial hand cleaner, point & shoot camera, reusable shopper in a neat pouch, cute spider keyring with locker key for work & Eight Hour hand cream (no bag should be without it!!!!). No phone, as I usually keep that on my person! I’m deaf in one ear & if it’s in my bag I often miss it’s ring!!


One step further…the contents of that make-up bag? Just enough for running repairs!!!  Elizabeth Arden Mineral Powder foundation, lipstick, lip pencil & lip gloss…anyone would think I worked for them!!!  Well…I do!!




Finally….what’s in my wallet?  Well…I never knew there was so much in it!! Just a shame that it’s not cash!!!

A grand total of £5.35 in coins! Gift Vouchers from M&S, JLP & Debenhams, an assortment of credit cards,  just as substantial a collection of reward cards, JLP ‘cater card’ & staff discount card, Driving licence, library card, QVC membership card, money off vouchers for Quorn, Kenco & Tesco fuel, some Tesco ‘school’ vouchers & a couple of business cards for a hypnotherapist & ‘Ask’ restaurant!!!

At weekends & during school holidays my bag would also hold glucose tablets for Alex (in case of a Hypo) & of course I end up carrying DS’s & PSP’s that they just HAD to bring along on days out!!! Oh…& of course when I’m out & about my car/house keys would be in there too…I weighed it before I tipped it out & it was a surprising 2KG!!!    

So…do you carry as much around with you?…or even more?!!! I have friend who owns only ONE bag & her keys & wallet rattle around in it undisturbed!!  Do pop over & check Mel’s bag out too!!

Tomorrow is my darling Hubby’s birthday…so I’m off now to bake a cake! Thanks for dropping by…hope to see you again soon!!


humel said...

Really interesting, I'm loving having a nose at everyone else's bag! :-) I did think 'Is that all?!' though... ;-) But I'll let you off as you, too, have 'bags within bags', and your wallet is as full as mine!

Happy birthday to your husband x

Jocelyn said...

I love getting a peak into you bag!!!! How nice and neat!!!

Mine is a get it cleaned out and then...BAM..the mess appears again!!!

Happy Birthday to your sweet Hubby!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Tammy said...

you are an Arden Girl??? Oh my word! I was an Arden girl for years. Have I told you that already? lol

karen said...

no wonder you have bad shoulders!!!!!!!!!My bag is as OCD and streamlined as everything in my life,i'll have to share it tomorrow.
Happy Birthday to Lee.

Anna said...

Fascinating! Mine holds: car and house keys, asthma inhalers, my wallet, a packet of Airwaves, ibuprofen and a length of screwed up toilet roll. That is all :D
Happy Birthday to your DH :)

cate said...

I'm still too scared to share the contents of my {non} bag, too much baby/toddler stuff within ~lol~ thanks for sharing, and happy birthday to hubby!

Sian said...

I love this..I'm definitely too nosy for my own good :) but i'm also too scared to start pulling stuff out of my own bag to do this. There could be anything in there. Interesting that a lot of us are now carrying hand sanitiser.

I use Elizabeth Arden moisturisers, they're brilliant.