Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Ribbons & Boots!…

Well…I have had a very productive start to the week! As you know, I’m taking part in Shimelles ‘Something from {almost} nothing’ & Monday’s prompt 3 was to use ribbon…now do I have any ribbon?ribbons

I should say so!! I have some still wound on card, some wound around lollipop sticks (I find Magnum sticks the best…but then you do have to find someone to eat the Magnum!!) & secured with glass headed pins, & then loads of lengths just loose in the box!! There are spots, stripes, lacy, bobbly, sheer, velvet, satin, crinkly & just plain old plain ones!!

So, I decided to use the photo I took of Lee about to blow out his birthday candles & was amazed at how many of the ribbons in my box suited a masculine theme! So, much patience & yards of double sided adhesive tape later, this is what I put together…sweetcakesresize I am so enjoying Shimelles prompts…It’s actually quite amazing what turns up in your stash when you stop reaching for all the old favourites & have a good rummage…& I’m very organised when it comes to my stash, so I should already know what’s there!!!! It just goes to show!!

Today I have also started the ‘Bind-It-All 101’ class….I need to sit down & work through the video classes with my V2 at the ready!! I had the pink V2 as my Christmas gift in 2008 & since then have used it TWICE!!!…& not for months! So I am looking forward to gaining in confidence & of course, sharing the projects here with you!


Yesterday I bought a new pair of very funky Welly Boots!! I have been on the look out for a pair to take my fancy for a while now…I was even prepared to pay the outrageous price for a designer pair if I liked them enough & if they were comfortable!

As someone with what can only be described as ‘Regal’ calves (in the style of Henry VIII) long boots are always an issue for me…my faithful green ‘Hunters’ are 25 years old & now fit Alex perfectly, so I thought I’d invest in a pair of short Welly’s that would solve the ‘calf’ problem!!  I fancied some Joules spotty ones, but they weren’t available in the short style…I saw some ‘crazy daisy’ ones but, again…too narrow in the leg!  So when I spotted these I thought yes…butterflies will do!!  They were in Tesco’s kids section & were just £9 so I’m happy!

They’ve already had two outings…last night I dug & planted & gravelled the small strip that divides our drive from next doors & they functioned very well….& today I mucked out the Guinea Pig hutch & they did a very good job there too!!

17March2010 006I have also got around to planting up some Ivy in pots for the en-suite window  ledge…I do like plants in the house & this is a job I’ve had on my ‘To Do’ list for too long!!

A background story…those three ceramic pots were the holders for the three loo brushes I bought when we first moved in six years ago! When I couldn’t find replacement brushes that fit into them I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away & they’ve been in the under-stair cupboard for ages!  I’m really glad to be able to recycle them!

Right…I must go & cook…nothing complicated…Toad-in-the-hole for Lee & the boys & a huge salad for me!!  I swam 30 lengths of the gym pool this morning & that, combined with all this activity has given me quite an appetite…I might just add a jacket potato to that salad!!

Thanks for dropping by!


Hilary J said...

Love that ribbon layout - will def scraplift (again!).

Those wellies were a find - will investigate those too...

Jocelyn said...

Oh did an awesome job with that LO and the ribbon...I just adore it!!! Look at you go!!

Oh the boots are just perfect....They have my name all over them and I also adore IVY!!!

May I ask, what is a Toad in the Hole and a Jacked potato?

Wishing you a great day sweet friend and keep up the good work with the swimming!!

karen said...

Why are you out there digging the garden,thats mans work.I just give instructions and orders and let him do all the dirty hard work!!!
Yuk to the salad & potato.Toad in the hole,mash and gravy everytime.Mmmm

humel said...

Children's section??? How small are your feet??? I wear size 9s!!!

Anyway, the layout is totally fab, I love those criss-cross strips of ribbon xx

Sian said...

Magnum sticks? That sounds like a good idea! I love your ribbon've got a very straight eye or is it a steady hand?

I have very small feet so I'm with you on shopping in the kids dept! Much cheaper.

Anna said...

Will Fab sticks do? I found a pile stashed down the side of the settee just the other night.
Love the LO :)

karen said...

WOW your famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise said...

You've been a busy girl, love the ribbons layout,you've used great colours for a man.Those wellies were a great find too. Have a good weekend x

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

I love the pic of your ribbon box. The crop buddies layout in today's prompt (friday) is lovely. I love the colours and mix of circles and embellishments.