Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A Wet Wednesday Out!…

Well…the boys went back to school on Monday…reluctantly I might add…after a week of extremes…from Breakfast to bedtime they couldn’t stand the sight of each other & then once they were upstairs Nathan insisted on camping down on Alex’s bedroom floor…there’s just no rhyme or reason!!! We actually woke up to a white world on Monday & it snowed all morning…both boys were hoping that school would be closed..but they were out of luck!!

I actually spent Monday on the sofa, between school runs, with a hot water bottle clamped to my left shoulder! It was feeling exactly like my right one did before it froze & needed surgery, so I decided to rest & not aggravate it!! It felt very decadent to watch back to back episodes of ‘Larkrise to Candleford’ through the middle of the day!!!

I did get to weigh in yesterday morning after missing group last Tuesday… I was expecting very bad news after what I can only describe as a ‘flexible week’!! I am still resisting chocolate (7 days & counting) but during half term, while making considered choices, had not been keeping a record of my intake…so…what was the outcome…well 1 1/2lb ON!! It could have been so much worse, but I have to get back in the zone!  More of that later!!!

Today has been a wonderful day…I met up with my good friends Karen & Hilary & we set off to a gorgeous Tea Room in Walkern, where we indulged in Elevenses…in style! 24Feb2010 003  
24Feb2010 00424Feb2010 002

   …Don’t think I’m quite back in the zone just yet!!!!

 24Feb2010 149

After that we set off to Benington to visit Lordship Gardens & see the snowdrops. 

The morning was damp & just as we arrived the heavens opened!!  Unperturbed we paid our admission fee & set off into the gardens with hats, brollies & camera’s at the ready!

All I can say is……

24Feb2010 083 Thank goodness for wellington boots!! 

The pathways which weren’t paved were like a quagmire!.. but in spite of that it was such a pleasant walk..after a while the sun broke through & immediately it felt warmer!

There were so many opportunities to snap & I could fill this post with dozens of shots but I’ve narrowed it down to my few favourites!! 

24Feb2010 014 24Feb2010 012


24Feb2010 007


24Feb2010 022





The current house is early twentieth century but is built around an eighteenth century core…there are still many Norman parts with amazing gargoyles & decoration.

24Feb2010 11524Feb2010 095 

24Feb2010 114

24Feb2010 036




The snowdrops are just beautiful & the formal gardens & landscaping are simply gorgeous…I can’t wait to make a return visit in finer weather!!

24Feb2010 062 24Feb2010 044





24Feb2010 029

24Feb2010 110





What a perfect day…despite the weather…good friends, a treat & time spent in uplifting surroundings! Blessings indeed!!

Tomorrow is Nathans eleventh birthday…my baby boy is growing up! He is excited about going to see ‘Avatar’…at last…& has asked for Kentucky Fried Chicken for tea…

…KFC AND cake!!!…is there no end to the temptation!!!!! Maybe if I do an extra hour at the gym tomorrow I won’t have to resist!!!! Oh! if it were only that simple!!

Anyhow…thanks for stopping by…catch you later!!


Jocelyn said...

So sorry to hear about your shoulder...please take care and rest it!!!

Loved all the are getting super talented with that camera....

KFC and cake...YUM!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful week and Birthday Wishes to the Birthday GUY!!!!

Denise said...

Love the photos,and thanks for the link about crochet. Yep, I'm useless at knitting,can't get my head round the patterns at all! Looks like you girls had a great day and love Karen's hat !

Anna said...

What beautiful photos!:) Wishing Nathan a very happy birthday for tomorrow. It's my DD's birthday in a few days time and she's going to be 17!! I can scarcely believe it!
Hope that shoulder's feeling better now?

karen said...

I've just blogged about the day.LOVE the picture of the red berry.My absolute fav.

humel said...

Wow, stunning pics! :-) Sorry about your shoulder, hope it's completely OK again now x And happy birthday to Nathan!

Sian said...

I love your photos..especially that one of the single red berry. It's very "Country Living" magazine!! I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder and I hope the rest helped. My daughter saw Twister walking up our road yesterday (he's in town doing a play) and she was thrilled..she's a big Larkrise fan :) Best wishes to the birthday boy

Tammy said...

What gorgeous photos! Very stunning! Sorry about your shoulder. I do hope you are feeling better.

Lisa Howard said...

Absolutely amazing photos!!! You are becoming a master behind the lens! Take care of that shoulder...hope it is feeling better after your day of rest. Happy Birthday to Nathan! Ahhh, how quickly they grow up, huh?

Thanks much for voting for my friend's are THE best! xoxo L