Tuesday, 29 December 2009

In Limbo….

Well, it’s that time of year again!  All those weeks of furtive shopping, planning & preparation…and here we are with Christmas behind us but New Year still to come.  We’re back to work but still not into a normal routine…there are still festive foods taking up space in the fridge & on the sideboard but they don’t illicit the same eager response as they did this time last week!  I always find these few days difficult…I love Christmas & I love to see in the new year…I just wish the gap between had more going for it…it really feels like limbo!!

So, how was everyone’s Christmas…I’ve already checked out a few of your blogs & it would seem a good time was had by most!  I must admit to feeling under the weather from Christmas morning & slept for most of Boxing day, but that did not detract from our festivities at all!

On Christmas eve we hung up our stockings on the landing, we don’t have a fireplace in this house….a point of contention!! But Santa seems to find them OK & we have the tradition of everyone piling into our bedroom to open our stocking gifts before even setting foot downstairs! This year I was woken in the early hours..I thought one of the boys was up so I opened our bedroom door & imagine my surprise to see the big man himself…I grabbed my camera & managed to get quite a good a good shot29fed0422d7d44ee8b932228cb018815 to show the boys…and their response?

No questioning the validity of the photo…no wondering how he gets in…just how slim he’s looking & how does he stay healthy if everyone leaves him cookies, milk, mince pies, alcohol etc etc…I’d like to know that too?!!!!!

Ah the days of innocence! Long may it continue!!!

Our Christmas day routine is to have a full English brunch once we’re all showered & dressed & then we swap family gifts…so this was what we did (although I settled for my usual bowl of porridge as by now I was feeling quite queasy!) Once that was all demolished & cleared away we settled in the lounge & sorted which parcels belonged to who & set about opening them. We take turns, so we all get to see who has what & enjoy the looks of surprise & joy on faces around the room…I guess, as a small family, it prolongs the whole process too!!

Now, I have always felt very privileged to have a husband who knows me well enough to buy gifts that are just right….sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes a bit cheeky, but always spot on. FFresize This year, as I have already mentioned, he has paid for a years gym membership for me & that started from November 1st , so I knew I would have only a small gift under the tree.

Imagine the intrigue then when, along with small packages handed to me from each of the boys, there was a label that read ‘because I know it’s what you really, reeaally want!’…I kept this to one side with thoughts of what it could be going through my head.  What could Lee have bought me that I really wanted?  Most things I would like are out of our price range at the moment…BUT….had he found an exceptional deal on a pair of Ugg boots? The box was certainly weighty enough…Had he decided to go waaaay over budget & get me the Panasonic Lumix-G camera that I really DO want. I was already feeling a mix of excitement & a little concern that he may have spent too much!!!

So…the boys opened their gifts & were sooo excited, we got it so right this year!  Lee loved his gifts from me, & Pat was thrilled with her selection of clothing & slippers!  I opened some from friends & the boys, saving that larger box till last…I waited until everyone had finished unwrapping & gently started to tear at the wrapping paper……(It is at this point that I must apologise in advance for sounding like a spoiled brat, but honestly, the anticipation was so great & the disappointment such that I could not conceal how I felt!)…..I did not even get to remove the paper fully…this is what my surprise was…

snuggieresizeA ‘Snuggie’ A fleece blanket…WITH SLEEVES! This is what my Darling Hubby thought I really, reeaally wanted!! There was no point feigning amusement..I was GUTTED!!! I think I made some remark about just needing a ‘Big Slipper’ & a beanbag tray & never needing to move from the sofa again! I think he got the message & it will be a long time before he lives it down! I’m just glad he kept the receipt!!

Xmascake09resizeOn the subject of gifts,My good friend Kali gave me a wonderful Christmas gift…she is a wizard cake  maker & she presented each of our little band with a personalised mini Christmas cake, it was so moist & had so much alcohol in it! I think she may have been trying to sabotage my weight loss, as she is my Slimming World ‘partner’ & we are always trying to beat each other at the scales! I have to report that it didn’t work out for her this time though…we weighed in this very morning & she & I both GAINED the same amount over the week!!  My Mum-in-Law helped me polish off half of the cake & the remainder will go down well with my New Year visitors, then the temptation will be gone!!

So…what did you get for Christmas?!!

Tomorrow morning I have an hour booked with Nick at the gym…just what I need to kick start my motivation & I’ll follow that with a sauna to try & shake off the last of this cold…I’d like to feel 100% for our New Year celebrations!!

So, in case I don’t get logged on again before 2010…HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone, thanks for sharing your day-to-day on your blogs, & leaving some wonderful & entertaining comments on mine…..here’s to a blog-full year ahead!


karen said...

I got some lovely hipster knickers of Teddy.He obviously doesn't like my XL granny pants.But I do so his are going straight back to M&S.I nearly got that blanket for Taz!!Be great for when its chilly at Tempsford!
Santa must have lost weight after he left my house,he looked a lot fatter here,he must have been working out with Nick?

Jocelyn said...

I am so tickled with your post...So Sorry about you feeling under the weather.... Well the Snuggie must be popular :-) I got my Uggs this year and I adore them!!!

Thank you for the wonderful compliment on the family...

Wishing you and your family a Very Happy New Year filled with good health....much happiness..love and smiles!!! I just adore you sweet friend!!! :-)

Anna said...

(Quick aside: I was delighted to see a row of bottoms pop up in the widgety thing up above! What a bonus! :D )

Oh, don't get me started on husbands and their failings in the present buying department! (Tuts, rolls eyeballs and mutters to herself in despairing fashion ...) I got hardware! I always get gadgetry. Never lingerie, perfume or anything even remotely feminine ...

Christmas saw me trying to cook a turkey dinner with no working oven. A bit of a faff in a microwave but I got there eventually .... oh, and I've just had to rebuild my blog as I somehow managed to delete half of it by mistake!

Happy New Year to you and your family! :)

Beverly said...

Ohhh! I was so excited and full of anticipation about your special gift @@ poor man must have thought it would keep you snug and comfy LOL and they are oh so sexy!!

Anonymous said...

and there was me thinking it might be soemthing scrapbook related:) hope you are feeling better I would love a lumix g too but way off the scale at the mo. have a fab new year see you in 2010

Anonymous said...

just popping by to say you were nearly right it's actually John Lennon Paul mcCartney is left handed and will be following along shortly:) have a fab new year