Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Aaaaargh!….and it’s day one….

Well…I am going to start the new month off with something rare for me…a whinge...a full blown moan & grouch!

Last evening, at the tea table, Alex announced that he needed ingredients for his Food Tech class today..a winter salad…a Jamie Oliver recipe which is a favourite of mine, but that said, I do not keep in a supply of Radiccio or flat leaf parsley and did not want a late night trip to Tesco. So..it was agreed that I would do my grocery shop as usual this morning & drop the necessary food stuffs into school in time for the FT class.

So I planned my day & got up at 6am to shower & blow dry my hair….only I got as far as towel drying when Alex announced that his school uniform, blazer included, was still screwed up in his PE bag as he had worn his kit home from school yesterday & forgotten to take it out!!!

So Lee sorted out breakfast while I ironed said uniform & dried my hair. By the time I got downstairs to pack up lunchboxes both boys were in the lounge watching TV…something I don’t normally allow until they are all but ready to leave. So I chivvied them to brush teeth, hair, tie ties, put on shoes, jackets etc etc while I cut sandwiches & washed grapes!!

We were actually ready to leave at 8:05…just 5 minutes behind schedule, so that was OK…until I opened the door!! To find everything white & my car solidly frozen! This was our first real hard frost & I had no de-icer & had to rummage for a scraper! By the time we actually left the driveway it was 8:20!!! So my friend Sue, who I give a lift to, was late for work, Nathan was late for school & Alex….well, it soon became apparent that Lee had omitted to give him his ‘Happy Pill’ at breakfast & he was soooo hyper!! Aaaaaargh indeed!!

Once I had deposited Alex at school & organised a pill for him from schools supply I set off to Tesco! Once the ingredients were duly delivered I set off to Slimming World & this is where my day turned around!!!!!!

I am pleased to report that this week I LOST 2 1/2lb!! I am so thrilled!!

Anyhow…with my griping out of the way I can share my JYC news. I mentioned before that last year I started this project & lasted 7 days….so I will share those 7 pages with you & then pick up from day 8 with new creativity!!
1Dec09 004

Firstly this is the cover
of my journal…. I opted for an 8”x8” fabric window album & those ribbons & bells came off two Lindt chocolate reindeer that the boys were given last year!

Day one’s prompt is to write your manifesto & this I did last year…reading through, it is still relevant today, so I am leaving it as is…
JYC page 1 resize

Now, I am off to make sure that all is ready for tomorrow morning…I cannot be having another morning like today!!!!!

Thanks for dropping by…& if you have a sweet tooth why not follow the cookie trail from Beverly’s blog…I just printed off a fab recipe for Baklava…YUM!!


Anna said...

Nothing wrong with having an occasional moan! ;)

Congratulations on the weight loss!

I love your JYC album (and bells) - and look forward to following its progress :)

Anonymous said...

well done on the weight loss I lost a pound and a half this week:) your house sounds a lot like mine I remember when joe was at middle school he told me he needed ingredients on the morning of the day he needed them so I dragged myself off to sainsburys and when I was in the queue there was a lady infront of me with exactly the sae ingredients we took one look at each other and said your son must be in my sons class!!! love the first page and cover of your journal can't wait to start mine. I would be happy to give you a crash course with my hook i can bring it on saturday if you like flowers are pretty easy:)

Jocelyn said...

Well my goodness...that was one heck of a morning....I hate when my mornings get off to a bad start...but...look at you go girlie...YOU MUST BE SO PROUD!!!!

I adore the first page of your journal.....I have wanted to do this and have not gotten around to doing it!!! Maybe next year!!

Have a great week!!! :-)