Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Mission accomplished…..

FFresize Today I headed off to the gym…..with a goal in mind! Wednesday is my swim & sauna day & you may remember that  last week I managed six lengths of the pool……you may also remember that I planned to do eight this week. Well I am pleased to report that I did in fact complete those eight lengths & then spent ten minutes in the sauna, before getting back in the pool to complete another four!! So, having doubled last weeks achievement I am feeling really smug!!
If I may take a step back in time, I would like to share the highlights of my  weekend with you……On Friday evening, Nathan & I queued for what seemed an age to get in to see the new ‘Twilight’ series movie ‘New Moon’. I stumbled upon the first one by accident & enjoyed it thoroughly…I have never read any of the books so was surprised at how popular the whole thing is. Nathan at age 10 loved every minute of it…so did I, but maybe for different reasons!….Please see below!!!!


Now that’s what I call eye-candy!!!!  The transformation from pretty boy to this gorgeous hunk certainly grabbed my attention…werewolf or no werewolf!!

I don’t remember many eighteen year olds looking like that when I was a teenager, they were mainly spotty oiks with  greasy hair & no style….well it was the seventies so style was a scarce commodity!!


On Saturday I spent a wonderful few hours with my friend Amanda, mooching around Camden Lock. 

I had not visited Camden since before the boys were born, so there were many changes…the Stables is a fabulous development which has been beautifully adapted to house an indoor/outdoor market with gorgeous life size bronze horses randomly placed around the original stalls, which themselves house stalls of a different kind!

I could have spent a fortune in the craft market & the retro stores where I found many vintage pieces that I remember using daily in my childhood home!!…how old did that make me feel!

We ate lunch ‘al fresco’ & prayed that the pigeons were tired of target practice…but no….I was hit fair & square!! Ah well….it is supposed to bring good luck!! I made one purchase only…a pair of Vans skateboard shoes for Nathan, I am hoping he will be pleasantly surprised for Christmas!!


Love_Ya_Award1Finally……..I had a lovely award passed onto me by Jocelyn………so a big ‘Thank You’ to her & do pop over to her blog…it has a real feel good factor! I would like to pass this award onto Karen, Anna, Valerie, Mary & Lisa.

Thanks for dropping by!


Beverly said...

I am verrrry impressed with the laps, good for you!!! Sorry to disappoint but I just found out the person I thought was doing baklava for the cookie swap blog hop was actually meaning she'd love a simple recipe...oh well, I am sure there will be other great temptations :)

Jocelyn said...

Sandi....I am super impressed.....yay for you and the laps in the pool!!!! What a great feeling that must have been!!

I can't wait to see New Moon...but time has not allowed me....I read all the books and I adore Jacob..he is my favorite and I so agree with you....they didn't make them like this when I was a teenager...shoot!!!

Love all the photos...looks like a Fabulous place to visit and shop!!!

I am off to cook more pies and cheesecake!!! Wishing you a wonderful day....sweet friend and thanks for the kind words!!! LOVE YA!!! :)

Michele said...

Good for you on the laps! Your photos of Camden Lock have made me put it on my list of places I MUST visit!