Thursday, 19 November 2009

Done & Dusted.....

This week has found me sweating & breathless in the company of a young man half my one point I was flat on the floor while he knelt between my knees & bent my legs at angles I would not have thought possible!...of course I am referring to Nick, my personal trainer at the gym.....& the leg bending?...that was advanced ham string stretching!!

I am sooo enjoying my thrice weekly trips into that temple to fitness....sadly my introductory sessions with Nick are now over & I can now only afford to book him for a half hour every other Friday (or dip into the Chicago think not!!) so am having to rely on my own motivation between times!! Yesterday I swam & sauna'd...absolute bliss...I am not a strong swimmer but achieved six lengths of the pool & plan to increase that by two each week.

Saturday was spent with like minded company at the Crafty Stash crop......the kit was for two LO's designed by Heidi Kelley. I only completed the first as the second was just too 'busy' for my taste.....but can't please all of the people all of the time!! I did make a start on a second LO using the leftover bits but it's not yet finished! Anyway here's my take on the first LO

At last I can share with you the results of my DIY efforts!! Although these took three times as long as planned to complete, I am very happy with my achievements! On Sunday I finally put everything from the hall back in it's feels good to have completed the job & here are a few 'before & after' photo's

I am pleased with the final colour on the walls & it was well worth all the extra effort or painting over my original too-yellow choice!

My 'Parasol' plant is happy to be back in it's usual place, but I'm amazed that even with a short stay in the lounge it's leaves have already 'turned' to a different position & there is now a gap where there wasn't one before!

Most of the artwork on our walls has been created by family & friends........while putting it all back up I thought about how I don't really 'see' it anymore! Do you do that?...become so familiar with things that you don't notice them? So, as I cleaned them all I tried to see them afresh & appreciate the work that went into them. This piece of calligraphy was from my Mum-in-Law shortly after I became a Mum for the first time...her way of telling me not to stress about the housework & miss out on enjoying right she was!

On Tuesday evening I went with friends Karen, Hilary & Linda to see 'Bright Star'....Linda's son Ben had the lead role of John Keates, the poet. I love historical drama's, especially true stories, they always bring home just how tough things were in history & how much we take for granted today.
After the movie, we went to Prezzo's & spent a thoroughly enjoyable time putting the world to rights! I know I've said it before but how valuable is quality time spent with good friends?

Finally, just to share Alex's culinary creation with you...this time an apple strudel! Even though I haven't fallen from the 'Slimming World' wagon once. in over two weeks now, I did allow myself a weeny slice & it was delicious!! He really does have a talent...not sure where he gets that from though!!!

I'm off now to check out Picassa...I've had it from two sources that it's the place to go to get creative with my photo editing!!

Hope you are all having a good week ......Thanks for dropping by!


Jocelyn said...

Oh Sandy....the story of your trainer had me sweating at are toooooo funny!!!! So glad that you are enjoying your time at the gym!!!! Good For You!!!

The LO is STUNNING...I love all the details and it is sooooo pleasing to the eye!!!! JUST PERFECT my friend!!!

The house renovations are beautiful!!! I adore the colors and I so love the white accents!!! You and I have such similar taste!!!!! What a beautiful home you have!!!

So glad that you got to go to the movies and my oh my, that apple streudel looks Fabulous!!! YUM!!!!!

Wishing you a great week and Have Fun with Piccaso....I have not mastered it yet...but now you have inspired me to go try it out!!! :-)

Anna said...

D'you know? I'm not sure I could cope with having a young man half my age (however nice!) kneeling between my legs while I lay flat on the floor - even if he was only stretching my knees in all directions and fiddling with my hamstrings! The mere thought has made me come over all peculiar .... ;)

Your hall looks fab .. the layout's lovely ... and if you could please send your culinarily (is that a word?) talented son round here to give me a lesson in strudel baking, I'd be extremely grateful! :D

dottydotty said...

sounds like you had a fab night out with friends I love getting together, my friend and i are going tp a concert at the royal festival hall on tuesday and i can't wait.

Your hall looks greatI love looking round blogs it always inspires me to complete some home improvements not that i ever get anywhere to busy blogging etc etc etc:)

have fun with piccasa I need to see what else it can do