Monday, 21 September 2009

No Monday Morning Blues here!......

With the weekend over, I paused for breath after the school run this morning!

As I mentioned in my last post, I met my good friends Karen & Robbyne for coffee on Thursday morning & we talked for England!! - a.m. passed into p.m. & we drank coffee & caught up on all the gossip - completely forgetting about food (a rare thing indeed for me!!) Awash with coffee & buzzing with caffeine, I swung by a LSS on my way home & picked up a few bits I hadn't known I needed (!!) as well as one of the 12x12 frames to try out - great price, but not sure it has enough depth behind the glass, I'll let you know!!

Friday was a housework day - it has to be done!! I took some clutter up into the loft & brought down some bits I intend to list on ebay!! I also put my AMM crop tote & bag up for sale on the UKS Marketplace. The post went live on Saturday morning & I'd sold within 10 minutes!! They were so pretty & I loved them, but they sat under my desk, empty, between crops & to be honest I can manage without them!! So I'm now on a quest to move on as much saleable clutter as I can to raise funds for Christmas!! I've even discovered a Saturday Car Boot Fair that I have to try before winter sets in!!

Saturday was a lazy day - sort of!! I slept in till 9a.m. then had a very leisurely breakfast before setting up my ironing board & a couple of films on DVD!! By the evening my baskets were empty & my scrap room once again looked clear!! It's amazing how I get a spring in my step when my ironing baskets are empty! I stayed in my PJ's all day!! I had a long soak in the bath, while hubby & boys brought in fish & chips for their supper, & then put on a clean pair of PJ's!!!!!

Sunday was work as usual & then on to meet my good friend Amanda at the cinema. We really wanted to see Julie & Julia, but it started too early to allow us to eat first. So we decided to grab some Ben & Jerry's & eat supper afterwards!! Now I know that ice cream really wasn't on my days eating plan, but I cannot tell you how utterly gorgeous their Pistachio & Almond is! & it filled a gap so that my tummy didn't rumble all the way through the film!!
And what a fabulous film it was - I laughed & cried my way through it - go & see it - I can't recommend it enough!! Afterwards we went to Prezzo's for our supper & you will be pleased to hear I had an enormous salad, so hopefully the scales will be kind tomorrow morning!!

Today I have been enjoying a new album release fro Mika - this guy is just a bundle of talent! I have listened to his 'Life in cartoon motion' over & over, so his new offering 'The boy who knew too much' is most welcome.

I love the artwork on the CD cover too - so much colour & so much going how can I 'lift' that for a LO?!!!

Today was also Alex's quarterly Diabetes Clinic appointment - no surprises - but he has grown 4cm since his last check in June!! We'll have to stop feeding him or he'll outgrow his new uniform before Christmas!! Only joking!!!!

I did have a wonderful surprise by email today, but I'm not sure I can share the details just yet!! So I'll contain my excitement a little longer & turn my attentions to the LO's in progress on my desk for this months challenges!

I'll leave you with Mika & a message!!!


Jocelyn said...

What a wonderful post!!!! I so enjoyed spending time with you today!!!! Sounds like a great few days and love the ironing story...good for you!!!! Wishing you a great week my sweet friend and thank you for the wonderful comments that you always leave!!!! :)

Anna said...

Ooo ... I'm intrigued by your wonderful surprise by email! :D Wonder what that could be ....?

Gladie said...

That guy - and his voice - would look & sound GREAT with Queen!