Thursday, 3 September 2009

A bag of mixed emotions.......

It's been a full week since I last posted & it's been a busy one! We have been fitting in all the Dr's appointments, shopping trips & errands possible before the boys going 'back to school' today!

I've cut both boys hair (although to look at Nathan, you'd ask "Where?!"), stitched, stuck & ironed name tags onto all the new uniforms, shoes, bags etc etc. I've stocked up on all their favourite lunch box & snack items & they've sorted & restocked their pencil
cases. Last night we got them to bed on time & I commented on how nice it would be to be back in our 'normal' routine once again!

This morning, both boys got up with the minimum of fuss, ate breakfast & we were actually out of the door five minutes early!!

Before we left I took the obligatory 1st day of term photo's! Alex likes his new blazer & said "I feel like James Bond!!"

He is so anxious about starting at Upper school & has been in denial all through the summer. Over the past week I have broached the subject several times only to have him avoid getting into any discussion! Last night he did come to me to tell me how nervous he was, & he did sit & listen while I tried my best to reassure him that we have done all we can to make it as easy as possible for him.

Nathan by contrast, was his usual 'thrown together' self - top shirt button undone, tie loose, shirt tails out & hair all over the place!!

He couldn't wait to get back & see his school chums! Living across town from school means that he only really gets to see them in term time, so he will have a lot to catch up on with them!!

So, when we arrived at Nathans drop off point he was out of the car with his bags & off!! I had to call him back for a hug, so eager was he to get to school!! I have no worries there - other than the fact that he is no longer my 'baby boy'!!!!

I had half an hour to wait with Alex before I could deliver him & he sat engrossed in his DS game - anything to distract him from the inevitable. When we arrived in the reception area his new 'designated adult' came to meet us & although Alex met her in July, he hid behind me & even with coaxing would not make eye contact or speak, he just mumbled. I knew that I had to leave or he just wouldn't get anywhere, so I made the arrangements for pick up & his medication, trying hard to include him in the discussion, and left him in Miss Ashworths capable care.

Driving home I felt awful - worse than I did on his very first day at pre-school!! I know you can't wrap kids in cotton wool but I'm not good at 'tough love'! I've not had a phone call so I'm assuming no news is good news & that he's settling in OK! I still have that dull feeling in the pit of my stomach which will be there till I pick him up at 3pm!!

So, now I'm at home & a complete bag of mixed emotion - trying to keep busy & distracted - I've washed up the breakfast dishes, made beds, freshened up all through & am now sitting here at my scrapdesk........

......which brings me neatly to WOYWW!
Here is how my workdesk looked real work in progress at the moment - although my beautiful Color{me}Daisy August kit is sitting there ready to play!! It was held up in customs for over a week & cost another £4 VAT & £8 customs charge!! It's still worth every penny though!! I have the final weeks LO to do for the Dixie Pieces contest, Shimelles 'Learn Something New Every Day' online class & challenges for both 'A few of my Favourite Things' (this time it's food!!!) & 'Scrap the Boys', so I've plenty to inspire me!!


Jocelyn said...

Oh the pics of the boys are wonderful!!!! It makes my heart think that you had such a tough morning!!!! Our children are our heart and soul....but I am sure once he falls into a routine...all will be well..Look at that desk my sweet I so wish I could pop over and have a cup of tea or coffee and sit and create with you!!!!! Wishing you a day filled with smiles!!! :)

Tammy said...

What great looking uniforms. Certainly different than what they wear here in the US ;) I'm sure your boys had a wonderful first day of school.

Lisa T. Howard said...

Oh the contrast between your boys! Seems most often the more grab-life-by-the-tail...the other more reserved. I hope Alex had a good day. I know mama certainly had a worry or two. It's so so tough letting go.

Can't wait to see what you create with all the inspiration you have going! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo L