Friday, 21 August 2009

Very Scrappy!!......

Well, I've had another very industrious couple of days! I've been working on the week 3 challenge & games for the Dixie Pieces contest. I love the whole process - the challenge gives me food for thought & having a deadline forces me to get my act together & get moving (I may have mentioned before that my scrapping style is unhurried!!) So I have been thoroughly enjoying myself, albeit not getting to bed till 4.30am on Thursday morning because I was so 'into' what I was creating (Lee was away overnight anyway so no way would I have settled to sleep)!!

So here is what I came up with for week 3's challenge 'Textures of Summer'
I love the feeling of walking barefoot on grass in summer, so that was my obvious choice! Nathan & I posed for Alex to take this photo of our feet, which was great fun as we toppled over a couple of times!

The colour scheme was light blue, grey & cherry, and I just had to include a little green in a LO about grass!! The required technique was doodling & I think I must still be in the zone from weeks 1 & 2 because I also included machine stitching & hand cutting!

The spiral journalling reads "Nothing feels more like summer than being able to walk barefoot and feel the damp coolness of the lush green grass beneath our feet"

I took part in a doodling class on-line earlier this year so it was nice to put into practice all the tips I had picked up there!

There have been some fun games to take part in in this contest - 'Let's write a story' is LOL funny - everyone taking part just adds another few words & it gets sillier & sillier! It reminds me of playing 'consequences' at school!!

There is a game of word Bingo going on, so far I've not had a single one of my words come up!!

The last mini challenge was to use up your scraps from this weeks LO to make up to three greetings cards. Now I used to make every card I sent, but got fed up with giving away the results of all my hard work, only for it to end up in someone else's recycling bin!! So I haven't made a card in a while, but I enjoyed putting together these three for up coming birthday celebrations!

Finally, I had a lovely evening & an unexpected treat when my friend Donna called round to ask me to the cinema.

We both sat munching popcorn & slurping Diet Coke & laughing out loud to a fabulously funny film - 'The Proposal' starring Sandra Bullock, who I think is sooo talented & sooo pretty, & Ryan Reynolds, who is just gorgeous!!

On the way home I picked up a fish & chip supper for me & mine, after which Lee & I settled down to watch a double 'end of season' episode of The Mentalist. A good evening all round!!

Tonight, I am out for a 'mini' girls night out - just 3 of us - so we're going for an Indian - we can't normally do this as half of our little group don't like spicy food! So, although we'll miss the rest of our merry band, we will really enjoy our curry!!!

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Lisa T. Howard said...

Love, love, love your LO!!! You put so much detail into this one! Great job! Your cards are adorable. But I know what you mean about all the hard work ending up in the trash bin. LOL!

I saw "The Proposal" a few weeks ago and sooo enjoyed it! Such a cute movie. I'm sure I will be buying that one when it is released on DVD. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo L