Friday, 3 April 2009

Yay! Last day of term!!

It has seemed a long time coming, but today is the last day of term & school is out for two weeks!! The whole school had earned a treat in the form of a trip to the cinema this morning. They saw 'Monsters vs Aliens' & thoroughly enjoyed it! School finished at 1.30pm & the sun came out to celebrate!! We stopped by the park to feed the ducks (geese, seagulls etc!) on the way home & I have to admit to losing the feeling in my hands, it was so cold!! But at least it's not raining!!

I had a second cinema visit myself this week when a friend invited me to see 'The boat that rocked' - it was fantastic! As someone who was a child in the 60's with older sisters, I remember listening to 'Radio Caroline' on small tinny transistor radios while Mum & Dad listened to the World Service on the big 'Radiogram'!!! If you are of a certain age & need a good laugh, I recommend you go see it & the soundtrack CD is definitely a must have!!

I though I'd share this with you - a friend sent me this picture in an email & it cheered me up no end! Enjoy!


Lisa T. Howard said...

I'll take one of those...the hot dude with the wings!!! Hope you have a great time over the next two weeks with your boys!

Julie said...

Can I put my order in for a hot hunk please. The boys and I finished at our educations places today too and boy I think I need it its seemed like forever coming since the February half term. Now its 2 weeks of pure bliss with my wonderful teenagers,

super-mum-donna said...

I am cheered up.