Wednesday 9 March 2022

Love, Baking, Birthdays, Awards, Storms & Cardmaking a-plenty!

Where does the time go? It seems just a blink ago I was catching up on February & already we're almost halfway through March!! 

So with four weeks happenings to relate, I'm not going to attempt chronological, but instead break it down into the categories above!

Firstly 'Love'....

Lee is in the habit of buying me a dozen red roses for St Valentines Day & this year was no different....I love them but feel sad that they only last a week or so before being assigned to the compost bin! But they are beautiful as they open up & greet me each morning for that week or so! 

The card he chose was very apt this year too! The quote 'I know sometimes I drive you mad, but my heart's in the right place' seems particularly suited to recent events....but I guess I'm not alone amongst wives on that score!!

As I have previously posted, I love to bake on a Thursday, both for the weekend at home, but also for my colleagues on the Friday shift. So over the last four weeks there have been a variety of bits baked...

Lemon meringue topped fairy cakes, Sausage rolls, apple crumble tarts & a brand new recipe for banana bread incorporating copious amounts of milk chocolate chips!!

All but the latter were taken to work & appreciated by the hungry hoards!!

The banana loaf was a success with Hubby & boys

Of course there were more reasons to celebrate with food this month, starting off with Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday... us boring but we like them served with just lemon juice & sugar....or in our house that's granulated sweetener as we have Alex's Diabetes to consider!

We have celebrated two birthdays too, but I only needed to bake one birthday cake, as Nathan requested an American style cake from Costco this year...

My baby boy turned 23 years old on 25th February & we had a family dinner, joined by his lovely girlfriend. 
They then headed off the next morning to spend the weekend at Lake Windermere in the Lake District.

My wonderful Hubby notched up another year but we decided to stick to one token sparkler on his cake! We had a lovely day out in Cambridge to celebrate, with lunch at Bills, a quick stop off at our local on the way home to toast the day & then home for cards, candles, coffee & cake with the boys.

It's been quite a productive month in my Craft Room...with a mix of cards for family & friends in a variety of styles....

...there were a couple more but they feature photographs of the recipients & I always feel I shouldn't share those without permission!

I had a wonderful evening last Tuesday, having been given a 'Star Performers' Award at work, I was invited to attend a Gala Dinner along with other Star Performer colleagues. We had a fabulous night & I feel very proud to have been recognised....

One final thing to happen during the last month was Storm Eunice...I found myself travelling into work as she arrived in the county, & driving home tentatively to avoid fallen trees! But then a week at home as Woburn Forest was one of Centerparcs villages to close while the storms came through & then for the big clean up operation! Unprecedented stuff! At home we had a shredded cover on our patio furniture & needed to call out the fence repair guys, who managed to secure the posts so we avoided having to replace the panels...phew!!

So, that about brings me up to date! No wonder it seems to have flown by...

Thank you so much for stopping by & I do hope you'll come again! I'll try not to leave it so long next time!! 

Take care & stay safe

Sandi x

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debs14 said...

Much to celebrate - well done on the award!
I am not surprised that Center Parcs had to close during the storm, I bet it was pretty scary there while it was passing through.
Out of all the delicious baking you have done, it's the lemon meringue cup cakes that seem to be calling my name! I love anything that has the words lemon meringue in it so am off to google a recipe!